With the FaceTime news, will you be staying on AT&T for your iPhone network?

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  • S - 7 years ago

    You're all incredibly stupid. Flawed poll.

  • Clint - 8 years ago

    I love how the "leaving AT&T" option in the poll is slowly creeping toward 60%. I hope this is somehow indicative of the people at large. If AT&T lost 25-40% of their users even, it would force them to get competitive to stop the bleeding. Although to be honest, with idiotic moves like this, it's almost like they WANT to chase away their customers. It honestly makes no sense.

  • Billy - 8 years ago

    Im leaving AT&T!!!!!! I'm sick of them charging for everything while other companies offer better plans and service in my area. The only reason I switched to AT&T was because when I got my first Iphone, AT&T was the only provider that had the device. Well now that every other major wireless provider has the Iphone, I am swapping. I am fed up with AT&T. My plan costs over $150 / per month for one phone. ONE PHONE ONLY!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if more people swap then they'll make changes but until then, I am swapping!!!!!!

  • reese - 8 years ago

    For all of those who say go to VZ, I agree...I WANT TO DO THAT BUT IM AN INDIVIDUAL with one device so why do I need a share plan? A traditional 2gb plan on VZ is now $100 with probably another $20 for fees and taxes and so forth. Thats a hell of a lot of money - esp in this economy. Their 2gb plan used to be only $70 (I dont need SMS cuz i use TextFree by Pinger which lets me use my data plan - or wifi).. Thats a $30 increase (and for Android users who took advantage of teh VZ promos - they got 4gb for $70 - which I would sign up for in a second)....But I just dont get share plans...I guess if youre married or have kids, you may want that but every analysis Ive read says it costs more for everyone except those with a lot of devices or people. But even then, why do you want to share when you cant predict what someone else will use. I never know how much data something takes up - thats why people use apps like onavo to monitor - and the worst part is when you get to your limit- you dont get cut off or throttled but you immediately get charged an overage fee - and expensive one at that - whether you want to or not. And VZ and ATT are so big that they keep price fixing and copying each other. If ATT had bought TMo, thered be no competition because Sprint isnt an option until they get a decent data speed. WHY OH WHY doesnt Tmo get an iphone so we'd have more options. Deutche Telekom has the iphone all over Europe so cant they make a deal to include USA in that total? Others say the iphone just isnt compatible with the Tmo network. I dont know but I think Tmo is making mistakes- they lose hundreds of customers every quarter and with people getting angrier at VZ and ATT, a Tmobile iphone could turn the company around - I bet a lot of people would jump ship. I dont know w hat to do - I want an iphone because all my friends and family have them and love them, but I cant find an appropriate plan

  • ari - 8 years ago

    Is there any difference between Facetime and Skype? They sound like the same thing and Id assume use the same data. Dont understand why ATT is being such a b--tch...If you pay for data, let customers use it. Its just a shame that they wont let their customers have access to all the iphone features. This really makes me think that they will do that for anything on both iphone and android phones

  • jay - 8 years ago

    @Buddy, the only part is on Straight Talk, you wont be able to get the LTE speeds that the new iphone will reportedly have - but if you dont care about that, it is a huge money saver. It is amazing these prepaids are selling plans for less than half of what the majors charge. Im currently on Tmo Prepaid and only pay 30.75 including tax...but my phone is too buggy so not sure what to do...At least Tmo has value plans so lets you pay less if you bring your own phone. The other thing is realize that Straight Talk's unlimited is not really truly unlimited - I think you get throttled after 2 or so gb - and from what Ive heard from other ST customers, they also throttle when you use more than a certain amount of data per day. So just make sure you do your research

  • matt - 8 years ago

    Att has a terrible reputation for gauging customers and being very consumer unfriendly. Consumer advocate Clark Howard constantly tells his viewers and listeners to run as far from ATT as possible. This is really crappy. Why should it matter if people are paying for their data? IF anything, Facetime probably uses a lot of data which will make ATT more money. Its clear - like VZ- they will eventually phase out the old rate plans. As an individual, I dont understand why no one cares about us; theyre just screwing everybody. ATT just doesnt care. I was on live chat with a rep today and they said they didnt even know about this policy - so I cut and paste the official ATT statement and they just ignored me. Im really upset because I was finally planning to switch from Android to iphone but honestly I dont like any of these carriers. ATT sucks; Sprints data network doesnt work - even people in their LTE markets say its not working; and Verizon has now made the price of entry for a new single customer $90 plus taxes and fees (with $100 plus for just 2gb of data). I really wish Tmobile would get the iphone and provide some reasonable prices and real choice of various plans without having to worry about paying overages either. I think share plans are terrible, even for families . You cant monitor data like you do with calls or texts; imagine your spouse or kids downloading or streaming something and using up your data and then instead of just being throttled you immediately get charged overages whether you want it or not. We need FREE CHOICE in the US - buy ap hone and be able to use it on any plan or carrier. I spoke to a friend in Australia yesterday and he told me for $140, he gets 2 cell phone plans, his internet service AND a landline - Meanwhile went out on a date with a guy who has an iphone so I told him my monthly Android plan is $30 a month - He pays 4x as much at over $120..JUST CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY...And just ATT leaves a bad taste- I know a lot of folks on ATT and all they do is complain about dropped calls

  • Buddy - 8 years ago

    I have had AT&T from the first iPhone and my contract was up in June two years ago my AT&T told me if I wanted tethering I would have to give up my unlimited plan which I did!!!!! Big mistake !!!! I guess j5th has a AT&T that let him keep his unlimited plan ?? Anyway I'm going to buy the new iPhone off contract and pay full price so I can run it on Walmarts straight talk !!! I've been testing it on my old iPhone 3GS running speed tests side by side and it's just a hair slower but at $45.00 a month for unlimited talk, text & web, I'm all in !!!!!!!!!!

  • Cabelaj - 8 years ago

    I really can care less about them doing this. I've face timed about a whole 2 times since I've had an iPhone. And its been on the couch where wifi is. I agree for those that do want to face time on the go, it would be a good reason to grumble. Everyone acts like at&t is the prick here. Give it time, the other "ones" will catch up real quick. At&t is usually the one to be the first at making the new standards in the cell world. And for all of those that complain about customer service. If you argue enough, you will get what you want. I squeaky wheel never goes un greased. No doubt at&t is racking in the $$$$. They ordered 1600 trucks from our company for wiring homes. If they like them they want 9,000 all together. At $100,000 a piece, you now know where their money is going.

  • Al - 8 years ago

    That's why people continue to jailbreak their iPhones...

  • Jim D - 8 years ago

    This is the last draw for me! Been with the since 2006 but it's time to go! I will be going to either Verizon or Sprint for iPhone 5 for sure. Randall Stevenson kiss my A$$!! Greedy Jerk.

  • Matthew Gonzaes-Landry - 8 years ago

    FIrst those fuckers charge to tether (a phone that is natively on the iPhone), now they're charging to use FaceTime over 3G? I wish Apple pulled their business away from AT&T that way I would be forced to switch to another company. I hate AT&T.

  • James - 8 years ago

    So SICK of AT&T holding me for ransom every month!!!! What a rip off this has been the longest two year contract I've ever signed. Sure wish they would listen to their customers.

  • Mo - 8 years ago

    And that's I jailbreak my iPhone. I've been FaceTime-ing on 3G for over a year now

  • Hailey - 8 years ago

    Seriously? I will only pay if they offer iPhone at ZERO dollars! Lame...

  • Darley - 8 years ago

    ATT is just crap... Why charge money for a feature on a phone? Next time, each time you lauch an app, you have to pay ATT a fee...

  • Hen - 8 years ago

    Tom, you certainly don't know how it is being in a company that you don't give a crap about a customer, and AT&T is not one of them.

    Go to sprint or Verizon and youll see what it is being just a number.

    Research why Verizon or AT&T don't offer unlimited plans anymore. F you want a fast reliable network that works all the time then it's gonna cost you, if not, take sprint where my iPhone takes 7 minutes to buffer a 3:49 min vid on YouTube. Yes unlimited, but poor poor coverage, speeds and very lousy service.

    You have the option of keeping your unlimited plan, you have been given the option to not get throttled. Your choice.

  • cstan - 8 years ago

    Where is "Yes, but only because I have to"?

  • j5th - 8 years ago

    I too am on the "unlimited" plan with ATT... For all the years I have been a customer NOT ONCE did they give me anything - they just continue to take away.

    My Plan:
    Unlimited Data $30
    Tethering $15

    Oh wait every month they constantly warn me if I go over 5GB again they will start throttling me. WTF?! $45 for 5GB or less and being harassed by ATT texts every month. All I do is stream Netflix!!

  • Mike - 8 years ago


    The iPhone 5 will be LTE, so you CAN do voice and data at the same time on Verizon... I am ready to jump the second it happens, just not on the 4....

    LTE does voice and data at the same time, and Verizon's LTE is 20 times bigger than ATTs.

  • Tom Torrioni - 8 years ago

    AT&T is continuously doing stupid shit. First they offer you an "Unlimited" plan. I got that. Then they wanted me to switch to a limited plan telling me it's cheaper. Now if I go over 5GB in a month, they throttle me. How is that unlimited? Unlimited to me means "NO LIMITS."

    Now this new thing about having a shred plan to be able to use FaceTime over cellular is absolute BS. I only have one AT&T account. Who the F@@K am I going to share with??? But they are "allowing" me to continue to use FaceTime over WiFi. How nice of them. Especially considering that is not their call to start with.

    My AT&T contract was up in June. I've been hanging on for the iPhone 5 to come out. I'm going to see what moves Verizon makes on this. I would have liked to keep AT&T for the added benefit of being able to have Internet Access while on the phone. But at the same time I'm not into keeping my business with a company that treats customers like AT&T does. Too bad that they are associated with a company such as Apple, who puts their customers ahead of everything else. That's probably why AT&T stock is trading at $37 while Apples is at $637.

    I think it's time to tell AT&T to some serious F@@King off.

  • dutch - 8 years ago

    Or just jailbreak.

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