Was The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Decision To Ban The Two High Schools From This Year's Christmas Concert The Right One?


  • Chris - 10 years ago

    I certainly hope there are no groups performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) that are all black. It is time to end the farce of the white majority. It required adding together a diverse group of Americans of European, Asian, Indian, and any other unrecognized minority to create the supposed white majority. According to the 2010 census "Anglos" -- people of English decent -- are 19% of the population, just a hair above "Hispanic". If I recall world history correctly, Europeans fought many long bloody hate filled wars with other Europeans; some unified majority that was. If anything the Occupy movement should have taught us that it is the 1% who control the hiring, firing, and other equal opportunity decisions. Why set up 'diversity' rules like those of the ASO to punish anyone other than the 1%? Oh, that's right, the 1% FUND the ASO! The ASO can't discriminate against their money masters. It’s high time to actually LISTEN to Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches and stop perpetuating discrimination.

  • Carl Roberts - 10 years ago

    What would happen if whites had an only white college fund, only white miss America, only white TV station or white history month?I'm sure that there would be a protest then. I'm not being racist either. I'm being pro equality. MLK wanted equality and do does everyone else. I'm sure that if others wanted to join the choir, it would have happened. Maybe they just didn't want to. Hmm, there's a thought!

  • Charie - 10 years ago

    This isn't reverse discrimination, it's simply basic racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is wrong, no matter what group or groups are affected.

    This is supposed to be about excellence in music. How did it ever devolve into racial discrimination?

  • Betty Royalston-Scott - 10 years ago

    People do not understand the meaning of diversity, obviously. It does not mean black & white. It means all inclusive, including persons from any culture or ethnicity. So enough of not seeing people of different shades and hues like me [African American] or Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc. It means there may be too many of one culture represented in the group. Then on the other hand it could be that other ethnic groups may refuse to participate because of the material that's chosen to present. Schools may even want to consider including Deaf &/or hard of hearing students or people from the community and allow them to interpret the music in ASL. Ever thought about that? Its only a suggestion.

    During a Black History celebration on my job I formed a choir that was very diverse and included Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees who signed the music. We even had ethic foods to enjoy after the program. It was awesome and very well received.

  • Lawson Thomas - 10 years ago

    If we truly want to be fair we should stop the domination of most all sports by African Amercans!!! Do you hear the loud protests!!

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