Do you think it is fair that Quebec has benefited the most from Canada's equalization program?

Posted 6 years.


  • Jean-Francois - 6 years ago

    I'm from Quebec since my childhood and I don't believe in a Quebec outside of the Canada. I told it many times to relative, I'm a Canadian before being a Quebecois and if Quebec would leave Canada, I would move to somewhere else in Canada. I was a bit shocked by all the comments against the people from Quebec. I suppose it can be understandable given that we really do get too much money from the rest of Canada and we do have people that don't like english people... Anyway, my opinion is that Quebec needs to reevaluate its social programs and how they manage its economy. Most importantly you should take in consideration that those who speak out loud about separation are not the majority of Quebec population. Many people in Quebec think that the province government needs a good cleanup. Unfortunately there is few political parties that seem to be willing to do it because it would make them unpopular... We will see what people will chhose on September 4th and lets hope they will not vote for PQ.

  • Frank L - 6 years ago

    How about looking at the situation some other way:

  • Tyler.C - 6 years ago

    Montreal is a wonderful Canadian city, Quebec well not so much. I think it's obvious they are taking money from declining eastern provinces that need a boost. Look at the students complaing that there tuition is going up. It's a spoiled society who feels that being rebellious will help then keep their French culture. Canada is a beautiful country where people of all backgrounds and upbringings can flourish. Quebec ... Not so much.

  • Keith - 6 years ago

    I am sick and tired of all their complaining and sense of entitlement. They want the government to pay for everything like university tuition and day care but don't want to pay the taxes. They pass laws that restrict the English language and drive investment out of the province yet demand the rest of the company pay the consequences. They run the province line European countries and look where that has brought them. I say let them leave after Canada receives its share of the resources and see how things turn out. They will go bankrupt and come crawling back.

  • DAVE - 6 years ago

    What are we waiting for? Lets get the ball rolling ANGLO CANADA.

  • Ray - 6 years ago

    I'm a born Canadian from the prairies, am bilingual in french and english since childhood..
    Did primary and high school on the prairies, went to university in the east...realized that
    the french speaking Canadians from the west and those from the east, have a different mindset, they don't think like us in the west...their french accent is different when speaking,
    and many are surprised that some of us westerners speak french, including a former liberal
    primeminister by the name of Jean Chretien..
    Quebec politicians have been talking separation since the 1930's or before...and to this day
    they haven't separated why all the fuss...if the find a way to get out of confederation
    they will leave, if it doesn't work out to their satisfaction, they will then have to "eat crow" and
    I fear their re-entry will not be so rosy.
    The animosity goes back to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, where both generals were
    killed...both England and France didn't pay a penny for the land which actually belonged to
    our native peoples...much like our neighbors to the south, they thought that by conquering
    land, they were conquering unfortunately doesn't work that way...
    The animosity has a habit of showing off its ugly face once in a while, like now...during a
    political campaign it is all double meaning rhetoric.
    In the end I don't think the majority of Quebecois want to leave conferation...but the future
    will for now...let them go on with the political rhetoric, as usual it will be viewed as
    just wind, coming from minds that suffer from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of
    the brain...
    Vive le Quebec libre and long live the rest of us...fiancially we don't need them and if they
    want to go by way of a referendum, then let them go, and count the days when they want
    to return..

  • gary - 6 years ago

    I'd rather not see Canada broke apart, but am starting to get to the point after listening to the potential pq leader that they don't have to have referendum, tell them to leave with nothing from the rest of Canada.

  • jason - 6 years ago

    Kick em out. Leaches.

  • Vic Wilyman - 6 years ago

    Quebec is a spoilt little brat they want everything and contribute nothing .What would this Country be if the French won the war at the plains of Abraham a welfeir state that would be part of the USA .Its time the rest of Canada wake up and quit Kissing their buts for the sake of Confederation

  • jim - 6 years ago

    Whine whine whine, guess which child will get the most candies???

  • Michael in Nova Scotia - 6 years ago

    All the politicians in Quebec do is whine and complain whine and complain when they can't get their own way, seriously go get a real job people. The question I have is if Quebec did seperate and was their country. Quebec should lose all federal jobs, have their own currency and lose all seats in Ottawa. I think Canada would be better off without Quebec and im 110% for Quebec leaving Canada for good. Canada will save billions in welfare payments to welfare Quebec.

  • Scotty - 6 years ago

    .....aaaand it's gone.

  • Wil - 6 years ago

    I am guessing that no one really wants to break up Canada, but for the Quebec politians, it would be shameful if they didn't posture for their constituants and come away with a bundle of cash for their efforts.
    I think it's time to let Quebec politicians know how difficult it would be for them to separate. A trial seperation if you will.
    We will stop collecting taxes from their population, no more funding for federal programs, no armed forces, no transfer payments, no Canadian passports, no healthcare funding, no benefits, no transfers or support of any kind from the feds.
    I am guessing one of two things will happen.
    1. Quebec will return to Canada broke and with new politicians; or
    2. The province will be scooped up by the Americans, and they will not be allowed to speak french any more.
    Either way, Quebec is looking at a no-win situation for their language retention. To that end, their politicians should really look at what they have and slow down the rhetoric against the "Maudit Anglo" before Canada loses all their patience and just ejects them.

    I believe that the majority of Quebequois are just the same as any other Canadian, except that they have just been fed poor information and empty promises for so long, they haven't got the real information they need to come to a logical and mutually beneficial decision regarding their province.

  • Kelley - 6 years ago

    I have no problem if Quebec separated but it's only fair that if the do they take CBC with them as part of their repayment plan.

  • Steve L - 6 years ago

    What is wrong with you Mr Robinson? Why would you print such hateful garbage. I see this type of junk from our neighbors to the south, I thought Canadians were better then that.

  • Allan - 6 years ago

    The question was, does Quebec deserve the amount of equalization payments it receives,unfortunately no,the politicians here are too busy trying to keep this province french and distinct,to deal with real issues like economy,education and decent health-care,forever falling behind and throwing money at programs that dont amount to any real contribution like the OLF for instance,it wouldnt take much for me to leave my place of birth for a more prosperous and self-respecting province. Allan

  • Angela - 6 years ago

    I've been waiting for many decades to wear the t-shirt I had made with a map of Canada with the province of Quebec removed. Hopefully it's time has finally come!!

  • Martin Frégeau - 6 years ago

    Proud Canadian born in Quebec here. What I find the most disturbing is that I cannot find a single trace of this news in any french papers or news sites. Talk about controling the crowds through ignorance.

    I know tons of seperatists who sing the exact opposite as a reason to seperate from Canada. How about Quebecor put on their pants and report this in their French papers and the french version of Canoe?

  • aidan - 6 years ago

    I'm a Quebecer and I absolutely love my country Canada, so please stop assuming that all Quebecers are racist English hating individuals and that they don't give a crap about Canada. I am a proud Canadian above all. Quebec has given me many blessings such as the opportunity to learn French (always an asset to know more than one language), and a great university education. Many Quebecers do not want to separate. Here is an idea... how about you visit and actually speak to a quebecer, maybe then you will realize were not a bunch of ignorant uni-lingual hicks

  • Mr. Ed - 6 years ago

    All Canadians should have the right to vote as to wheather or not we want Quebec in Confederation.

  • Gary - 6 years ago

    So what? Quebec got a huge hunk of Rupert's Land as well. Most people I have met from Quebec are as tired of this issue as the rest of us. There will always be the cranky individuals who throw tantrums. The problem is that most people don't have time to research an opinion on any subject so they grab the first one that sounds rational. The world is full of people who made big mistakes but can rationalize them. Unfortunately people follow them.

    No one ever claimed the British Crown were some of the great thinkers of the last 300 years either.

  • The Dude - 6 years ago

    Au revoir ya bunch of cord stackers!!

  • DH - 6 years ago

    Why is it wrong to publish the truth? Too many Canadians, especially Quebecers, have no clue how much Canada subsidizes Quebec. Yet some say "lets not talk about that". BS! It is OUR money and we should know how it is spent. And it just might help Quebecers understand how much Canada helps, although I doubt it.

  • CLINT MITCHELL - 6 years ago


  • Nick - 6 years ago

    I'm an Allophone who was born in Quebec and have never lived anywhere else. What I find appauling is the lack of federal presence in this province. It's as if only Quebec politicians have the right to talk to the people of Quebec. Whenever Ottawa does something good for Quebec, it's as if they aren't allowed to brag about it to Quebecers. And Ottawa takes it because federal politicans here don't have the ba!!s to say things like "hey, this money or program is coming from the rest of Canada - at least say MERCI if not THANK YOU!" Proud Canadians living in Quebec are reluctant to fly the Canadian flag because it might offend somebody. That's not right. I have news for rest of Canada - Quebec isn't leaving Canada, they left a long time ago emotionally...they have to emotional ties to anything Canadian whatsoever and are just sticking around for the money and trying to give back the least possible.

    For anybody who has ever gone through a divorce, it's like the marriage is over, and Quebec and Canada are just living together for now until they figure out the right time to break up completely. There is no love, intimacy or future together, just cost sharing.

    The rest of Canada should stop bending over backwards for this province. Canada is like a family with 10 kids (provinces) and they all have their issues. But one of them keeps threatening to leave if they don't get their way all the time. The parents (i.e. Ottawa) and other siblings have to send a clear message: demand all you want and claim all you want, but you get nothing until you stop threatening to move out. If you don't, then just go now and stop making touble for the rest of the family.

    Canada - come claim back Quebec and stop being shy about it! Being "polite and respectful" is costing you your country, and mine.

  • Aghast - 6 years ago

    Wow, what a totally one-sided, scewed article. I am not a huge Quebec supporter by any means, but this article is just offensive. Canadians should be trying to get solidarity between the provinces, not having a major news outlet stir up hate against one of our own provinces.

  • Hux - 6 years ago

    If Quebec were on their own ,(as they are forever pounding the drums ) they would not have what they have. I've met many Quebecers . They really have issues. Ignorant.

  • D Papalous - 6 years ago

    Once any group is treated as "special", they develop a sense of entitlement. Quebec has developed a culture of entitlement, encouraged by well-meaning people in the rest of Canada who seem willing to do anything to keep them in Confederation. Inevitably, instead of cementing a union, it results in a sharp division and a strong backlash.
    Stay or go - Quebec needs to make a choice and the rest of Canada needs to stop attempting to bribe them into staying.

  • Constant Complainer - 6 years ago

    Yes- it was a mistake to make Canada English and French. Should have forced the French to become English Canadian just like all the other immigrants have "abandoned" their cultures and languages to become English Canadian.

  • Denis Lemaire - 6 years ago

    Any vote against a people is basically a racist vote. When the vote is completely lopsided, it is of course biased, and more than likely obtained through manipulation by the media or by politicians trying to score points with their more gullible constituents. Bashing those who can't defend themselves is the usual method. Lessons should be learned from history.

    And Bob, I don't whine, ever.

  • Bruce - 6 years ago

    JJ hit the nail on the head. Bob missed by a country mile.

    Appears to be an article written by some Anglo-clown that has never been to a Habs game , never skiied at Sutton , never seen a concert up on the Plains of Abraham or gone for a post white-water rafting pint in Chapeau. I love Quebec.

    Dont hate Quebec. Hate the politicians.

  • steven king - 6 years ago

    The French have been whining since they got their asses kicked.

  • JJ Gibbons - 6 years ago

    I am getting very tired of QMI's "Parliamentary Bureau" and its politicized reporting. What's the real purpose of such a one-sided view-point (and, it is that, this is NOT objective reporting) at this particular time? Are there elections goingon somewhere? Inflation adjusted dollars? Yea ... let's make the numbers as large as possible. They used some of the money for day care. How anti-Conservative of them. They take and never give. But wait, they have contributed - let's minimize that as much as possible. Let's just whip up anti-Quebec feeelings as much as possible, especially in Alberta (that province that has everything - because we gave it to them. After all, whi gave them the land they now claim as theirs alone?)

  • Bob Reid - 6 years ago

    If they want to seporate let them go on their way.It would save us a bundle of money.They are a bunch of whiners anyway.We don't need them.

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