Do you think lies such as these hurts Romney in the long run?


  • Tim - 10 years ago

    By the way, your question is bias as hell.

  • Tim - 10 years ago

    Look at your paycheck, morons. Libs are idiots that have no business running the country. They put self before others, which is why we are being run into the ground.

  • gloria camel - 11 years ago

    All the Republican's do is LIE they tell LIES about there LIES!! I don't know about anybody else but this shows a lack of CHARACTER and is IMMORAL!! They don't RESPECT the American ELECTORATE worth a DAMN!!

  • Kenneth - 11 years ago

    It doesn't matter how often and much the negative press about President Obama is proven incorrect, Romney won't loss any of his followers. The Republican party and its followers have been playing this game starting with the President's first day in office, why should it change now?

    The problem I have is why do his distractors contiune to insult the America public with the falsehoods, and think that we as a people are dumb enough to believe the nonsense. Or doing what pOsage7 is attempting to do....not address the issue and/or question, but try to cast another negative light on the President.

  • p0sage7 - 11 years ago

    1. Ok, so to start off. What a loaded question. You couldn’t have possibly have asked a more biased question.

    2. COULD OBAMAS LIES COME BACK TO HAUNT HIM IN November. President Obama is the most secretive and deceptive man to ever occupy the white house. Ask him to release his college records.

    3. Why is he using a social security number from Connecticut? Why is he supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of the governments of the Middle East? They are a terrorist and criminal organization that wants the destruction of the west. Also they have started to crucify their dissenters’.

  • Bertha Smith - 11 years ago

    I don't think the lies will hurt Romney at all,because the dimwits will believe anything that is negative about President Obama, and wish only to vote him out. Just ask Ferguson!

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