Should B.C. highway speed limits be increased?

  • ced - 9 years ago

    yes but what about the traffic jams

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    My family travels on these highways!! Stop being stupid! Is a little time saved really worth someones life?! Think about it!

  • Adam - 10 years ago


    You sir, are my hero.

  • Rob - 10 years ago

    I'm not sure what is more appalling, the blind [willfull] ignorance of facts just to push through your own agenda without the qualifying of your statements, or the fact that all this was written by a board of "senior writers". My brother in law has been an RCMP officer for a long time and we had a conversation about causation of fatal accidents. #1 was obviously impaired driving, #2 and #3 were failing to wear seatbelts and failing to stop at controlled intersections (stop signs, red lights, etc...) with speed coming in at #14. And you, mr writer, blatantly discredit mr. Tootil's cause of better/safer traffic flow through education and more reasonable speed limits? Ridiculous!

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