Should illegal immigrants get tuition breaks at universities?
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  • John Coctossin - 9 years ago

    I am a Democrat, but this is ridiculous. Our national government is in debt over $14 million, not to mention state and municipal government debt. At a time when governments are cutting precious social services to balance budgets, it is absurd that a group of people who pay no taxes, because they are not on the tax rolls, due to their illegal status, are getting discounted tuition. There are millions of illegal immigrants in our country. A better way to make them productive citizens is to crate a window of time in which they can apply for citizenship or permanant residency, charge them a penalty, and get them on the tax rolls to pay their fair share in our society. Those that would refuse to become part of such a program can then be deported. I certainly understand that illegal immigrants come here for economic opportunities they don't have in their native countries. It is time we give them ways to become productive members of our society, by contributing their fair share to the price tag that comes along with living in such a great country.

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