Do you think it is OK for Lil' Mouse to create these types of songs because it may give him a career?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Julian jones - 6 years ago

    I think that the music that he's making is acceptable, he's young, talented, and he from the struggle so he making off basically his past and his life style. The people complaining about don't even listen to rap music, wat rapper dosnt rap bout det shit?

  • michael w. foster - 7 years ago

    Please consider adding your voice to the growing number of people that feel that there has been too much music that denigrates women and glorifies gun violence and that music promotes a thug culture that is detrimental to our communities across tour nation. We also feel that Lil Wayne’s 13 year old protégé Lil Mouse ‘s debut song “Get Smoked” crossed the line of what should stand between what adults say and do and children say and do and is just wrong.

    We believe that it is past time for people who know better to stand up and do better.
    We must tell the whole music industry its time be accountable for the negative products that promote negative ways to thinking and acting because it helps breed harm in our communities. .. Our strategy is to build a voice of at least fifty thousand people and start a dialogue with LiL’Wayne , P. Noble the Producer, his recording label, tour sponsors and the media to get word out that we exist as a movement. Our stated goal is 100,000 signatures but we believe if we wage this campaign right we can actually reach 1million supporters by Jan 3rd 2014.

    . Go to our Face-book page@

  • solo - 7 years ago


  • Celestial Visionary - 7 years ago

    Honest Community veiws from your perspective is great but positive outlooks is intelligent and even more powerful you should always display the good side of the community as well to create contrast for musical vision of your environment.

  • Sam S. - 7 years ago

    The kids are growing up faster, every year, and see a lot in these neighborhoods. That most don't. So, they do what they do to reflect that was is going on around them. Not everyone relfects like most of the younger artist. So it does sound as clean, like others that make a lot like Justin or Brittney. More power to this kid.

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