Would you watch a third season of 'The Killing'?

  • charisse - 8 years ago

    I truely enjoyed watching The Killing it was the kind of series that kept you wanting more. If I had to work I would tape the shows so that I wouldn't miss a beat.When the series ended I was sad that I wouldn't have anything to look forward to. I would definately watch this series if it comes back.

  • Claire - 8 years ago

    It took this show to get me excited about TV again.......I had almost given up on any good series' writers being out there. This show is original, fresh, edgy, suspenseful, and best of all, kept my foster daughter and I talking for hours after each episode about what just happened...........or didn't happen! Linden and Holder are just in the infancy of their relationship..........PLEASE let them continue!

  • Jon - 8 years ago

    I could not say it better than has already been said here, but I found this to be the best of all the crime dramas out there... I loved the pace of the show, so much more real and brilliant than the fast fast paced hour shows that abound on TV. The writers deserved awards for their creation. I miss the show, the characters... bring a little quality back to the wasteland please.

  • Janice - 8 years ago

    Loved this show! It's full of suspense and my husband and were wondering what was up! Please give us back this Good series for a change ! Nothing but crisp on nowadays!!!

  • Teresa - 8 years ago

    I don't recall anybody having a problem waiting to see "Who shot J.R.?" on Dallas. Has our attention span gotten so short that we have to have it all wrapped up in one season? As for me, I'll never forget the look on Linden's face when she was sitting on the plane & received the call "that camera hasn't been in service for four months". Fabulous cliff-hanger!

  • cat - 8 years ago

    i definately think they should bring out a 3rd series of the killing!! i couldnt stop watching it the acting was superb all around and i was left on the edge of my seat after every episode got to be one of the best series out there for sure!!keep going:):)

  • Barbara Jeanne Greene - 8 years ago

    One of the best series I have ever seen. The actors and the story lines were outstanding.

  • Dan Leavesley - 8 years ago

    I thought it was a great series if twists and turns but definatley need to be concluded in one series, possibly lead onto another but with a deeper bigger crime being unearthed at the end of season 3. so it could link into a season 4 but be still a different story

  • Jan Ropes - 8 years ago

    The Killing was the best show I'd seen in years. The acting, writing and direction were all superb. Please, someone pick up this gem! I miss Linden and Holder!

  • Kathy - 8 years ago

    Praying someone picks this up, TV viewers deserve more than just trashy wannabe singing competitions, The killing was great acting and superbly written story lines, and a lot more can still be done with such riveting characters.

  • Kea - 8 years ago

    Unbelievable that AMC would cancel such a superior show. With all the trashy, mindless reality shows and run-of-the-mill dramas out there, you'd think they would jump at the chance to air a well-written, intelligent thriller. I sincerely hope Netflix grabs it.

  • Terri - 8 years ago

    Best show I've seen in a long time. Love the characters, love the story, love everything about it. AMC is making a big mistake by not renewing this show. I agree with Cheryl above: not all of us are into Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men. We just want to see our favorite detectives come back!

  • gina - 8 years ago

    Just went on line to see when season three of The Killing was coming on. I was shocked to see it was cancelled by AMC. This is truly one of the most dramatic and suspenseful series I've seen. I really hope some other company picks it up. I was looking forward to the next crime solving by Linden and Holder. Season two kept us in awe up to the last few moments of the final show.

  • charles thompson - 8 years ago

    The Killing by far offered the best dramatic acting of any cable TV series to date.
    Every other scene stirred the emotions and had you riveted to the interaction.
    Again, superb acting and an avalanche of scenes that gripped your guts and intestinal fortitude.
    I've watched most all the cable offerings over the years......The Killing slaps a no escape Choke Hold on your emotions.

  • Kelley - 8 years ago

    People probably don't like it because Linden isn't a super skinny supermodel. Regardless it's an amazing TV show, got hooked in the first two episodes and watched the first season in a matter of three days.

  • rick - 8 years ago

    By far the "best crime drama" on TV. The characters chemistry is unique compared to other shows and I love thier attitudes towards solving the case. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more with all the twist and turns! A must watch and top pick on my list.

  • cheryl - 8 years ago

    Cable is becoming as flaky as network tv. Why would you dismiss a smart, dramatically entertaining show like The Killing? Isn't entertaining quality programming AMC's goal? I was excited to watch Linden and Holder re-open the case that caused her breakdown, grow into her partnership with Holder and re-build her relationship with Jack. Mad Men and Breaking Bad aren't for me.

  • Debbie Seals - 8 years ago

    I pray the show, The Killing, will return......One of the better shows around. I encourage all viewers to back the show up.


  • Karen McVey - 8 years ago

    The third season could be a new murder in the same vicinity, with most of the same characters and new ones added. The parents of Rosie could even be helping with the new murder, because they have just experienced losing their daughter.

    It doesn't have to be the same killing.

    I love the writing and the characters...please pick up this show!!! It will have viewers, believe me!!!

  • fred - 8 years ago

    I thought the writers were the best

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