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  • KED - 7 years ago

    @Innishannon - I take your comments about MJD having signed a contract; it would be completely valid if *all* contracts had to be honored....however, there are countless players who had valid contracts and were required by teams [i.e., owners] to accept less or be released. Note, those players had also signed contracts.

    Simply put, if owners had the right to 'renegotiate' downward, then players who outperform contract should have converse rights. If Jags don't find him worthy of more, let him go find another team who feels differently...

  • Patrick - 7 years ago

    Mjd call the Lions, they need a runner who can produce and you are the man. You guys would be a perfect fit call the Lions ASAP. Thanks I'm a fan and I want to see them win and they won't win with Leshoure,he's a Pot head who should have cared enoungh to repair his instead of getting high.

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    I talked to some jax fans, and they are ready to move on. Do what you have to to get back there, Drew. You still got something in the tank.

  • Innishannon - 7 years ago

    I have to strongly agree with each of you here, especially HKHaugen and Mark up there at the top. In what line of work would any of us be making 4.5 million dollars a season (16 games + 1 bye week)? I think we all understand that the shelf life of a RB in the NFL is often a short one. There are not many RBs now, and there have not been many in the history of the game to play much into their 30s... But it does not excuse the FACT that "YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT TO PLAY FOOTBALL." Owners do not get to HOLD OUT from paying their players IF that player gets injured OR has a terrible season. If teams ink a player for 10 million dollars a season and that player plays 4 games as a starter, scores no TDs and is relegated to a back up role, that player still gets paid if he remains on the active roster... Owners do not get to "hold out" on paying that player because they did not preform well. So why do so many players do it? It's sickening. And having these slimy agents in the mix does not help it all one bit. Get back in pads MJD, play for the team that signed you to a lucrative football contract and play your heart out for them... Because if you weren't playing the game you're supposed to love so much, what the hell else would you be doing? Selling insurance? Stocking shelves? Bartending? All the jobs that we the fans do every single day of our lives. If we held out for more money, they'd laugh at us and tell us that we can pick up our final pay cheque at Human Resources on the way out of the building.
    Take a page from Hockey Legend, Teemu Selanne's book. This guy is easily one of the greatest players to have ever played the great game of hockey. He holds the record for most points scored by a Rookie in the 1992/93 season, 76 goals / 132 points, a single season record, when he was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets. He was worth 4 times the amount the Jets, Avalanche and the Ducks paid him in the years he played on each of those clubs. When healthy, he is easily a top 15 scorer in the league. This past year, at the age of 41 years, he scored 66points and finished 33rd in league scoring. He was 10 years older than the next oldest player in the top 50 scorers of 2011-12. NEVER ONCE has he held out for more money. He signs a contract and he plays for what was agreed he'd play for. He has always played every game of his career, like it was his last.
    Every athlete who has ever held out for more money, believing that they are worth more than what they signed their contract for, should look up Anaheim Ducks Winger, Teemu Selanne... HE is the face of what a true athlete and honorable business man looks like.

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    M.J.D will make 4.5 million the next 2 years of his contract I say M.J.D. get back to work.

  • HKHaugan - 7 years ago

    It is my opinion that his agent talked him into this. Agents' greed has done this over and over again and is pricing teams beyond reason. Again it is my opinion that agents are ruining pro football. I'd like to proven wrong.

  • farah eason - 7 years ago

    Once MJD saw that Mr. Khan was not going to blink, he had to rethink his position.

  • wayne1693 - 7 years ago

    If MJD does not fire his agent...then the Jaguars should fire MJD!

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