Would You Rather......


  • grandmashorty - 11 years ago

    Its a no brainer....If you have to,and I mean have to make a choice in the end it has to be someone you can actually look at in the morning. And not puke! And hey sometimes the dirty talk is a good mood enhancer....LoL

  • GrimmMilken - 11 years ago

    Call me crazy! But Juicy Joe is so masculine...I love a masculine man...I think he could be tamed. I also think he's showing off for the camera's. Teresa is a good match for him. I think their girls are adorable (sassy yes! But they love their parents.) They showoff for the camera's too.

  • Mrs. Better of two Evild - 11 years ago

    Tough choice but if I had to pick one of these two jokers, I have to say it would be Juicy Joe. Main reason- Salami's face makes me want to heave. His antics after his wife left him were so laughable. Who in the hell sues the guy who stole your wife? He's just such a LOSER.

  • nancy coleman - 11 years ago

    Neither I'd rather do Michele and I'm not a lesbian

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