What would be the tool you would advise a new woodworker to buy first?


  • B.W. DeArmond - 11 years ago

    There is no way to start without hand tools. Plus it gives you a glimpse of what it is like to really appreciate the hard work and patience needed to complete a project.

  • lynxsg - 11 years ago

    What would be the tool you would advise a new woodworker to buy first?

    I would encourage a new woodworker to seriously consider what he wants to produce in the woodshop. No point in sitting in a chair to make these decisions. I would advise the person to visit a few hobby woodworkers to see what they do in their shops, and to discuss power tools and hand tools that are indispensable to them.

    Always research the tools before making any decision. Always buy the best quality tool you can afford. Be sure to include safety and dust control when outfitting your shop.


  • M.A.K - 11 years ago

    First power tool, for a soon to be woodworker is a circular saw. With much practice and a few jigs a circular saw can produce just about anything you want. From rough carpentry to finer woodworking the circular saw will get you started.

  • Ben kamp - 11 years ago

    You don't need power tools to start woodworking you need a few good hand tools and your on your way.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    Your first tool, or should I say first non-power tool should be a tape measure. Then you should invest in a surface planer. It will save you so much money in the long run, that it will pay for all of your other tools, because you can buy rough cut lumber from a saw mill for about 10% of what the big box stores charge.

  • Stephen Horsfall - 11 years ago

    Once you have your first tool the choice of wood to work open is the next important decision.

  • garlands fine woodworks - 11 years ago

    I truly believe the first tool in your arsenal of tools is knowledge. I am assuming the question is being asked from a novice or even a beginner. Taking a directional focused approach to woodworking in a formal "school type setting". You can't help but to be drawn to the many amazing facets of woodworking, and depending on the school or program you will already be using some of the best equipment available. Learn not only about woodworking but about the tools used in what excites you most about woodworking. At that point you will already have acquired the appropriate recommended hand tools and the knowledge of what machinery if any is adequate or necessary to further your woodworking talent at home or shop! Sorry to ramble a bit but I speak from experience and the proud owner of machinery in my shop that never gets used. Happy woodworking!

  • Jim Hebson - 11 years ago

    It’s hard to imagine being able to even use a table saw (#1 in the poll) without any other tools. At the very least you may need to put a blade onto the saw before you use it.

    If the question had been something along the lines of ‘your first large power tool’ I would agree with the table saw.

    Of course when all is said and done, the first tool you need is a credit card.

  • mrvancil - 11 years ago

    I would try to ask what type of woodworker you would like to become, rather than the type of tool you need to start out with. Once you answer that first question, the first tool(s) become very easy.

  • anonymous - 11 years ago

    in the beginning you can have your parts be cut for you in a DIY store and just build, so this would be my recommendation (in order):

    - combination square
    - random orbit sander
    - tenon saw
    - chisels
    - #5 plane
    - scroll saw
    - track saw
    now you can cut stuff yourself and after that it will heavily depend on the types of projects you want to make in the future

  • BigStick - 11 years ago

    The hardest thing to learn is how to measure. Using wood that is consistent. once you know how to measure a piece of wood or a project all else will follow. BigStick golden rule "the one consistent thing about every thing is.... it is inconsistent.

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