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  • Bex Hall - 12 years ago

    There are 3 reasons I read and like your blog. 1 is it's interesting and funny at times. 2 is a little "selfish". My 28 year old daughter who lives on her own now about an hour away, married with 3 dogs, no kids and I don't get to peek into her life like I do yours thru the blog. My daughter is kind of a private person with me so when I read what you're doing, what you're feeling, thinking while approaching 30, I feel like I'm a little closer to MY daughter thru you. If that makes any sense. And 3, I'll quote what my daughter said to me when I asked her if she had read the post about your pet (we're big pet people - well, not overweight...enthusiasts is a better word) she said she had and cried too. We were singing your praises and she said "She's real." I have to agree.

    I worked in the (evil) corporate world for many years (I'm 48 now) quit in '90 after I found out I was going to have a baby. In '91 I started my own graphic design biz. Did ok for 5 years. Divorce struck. 3 years of a very depressed me. But started a home improvement co. which supported me and the boyfriend. Kicked him out after fighting became too much. Then met a man I'm now married to and have been for 12 yrs now.

    Did a 2 year stint at Amazon.com-great job-could go to work in PJs, seriously. Or very casual, ball cap, etc. Then shift bids set in. You had to take what they gave you. I was not going to work midnights while my youngest was still at home. I quit. Worked 2 years for a real estate appraiser. OMG. Anal retentive man (nice man, but still). Learned a lot of interesting stuff, but gave it up. Fortunately the hubs got a raise so I could stay home and make domestic work my "job".

    It's not a very stimulating job, but as long as I don't have to be chained to a desk 9-5, I'm content. I started dabbling in the stock market, I collected insulators (those glass things on top of telephone poles) and figured out how to make pendant lights out of them (hubs is electrical engineer) and have sold 6 thru a local gift shop. I like to dabble. Crafty stuff. Write.

    Became sick and sicker with female problems mid-2000s (another reason I gave up the column) and have had numerous surgeries and health scares and I attribute a lot of it to the stress of working for The Man. And like you, every fiber in my being screams at the thot of working at a desk again. So when I'm feeling good, I like to work on creative projects. I painted a huge mural on 2 walls of my old home (which my daughter bought from us) and she didn't paint over it, so it must be good. Got lots of compliments and by God, I had the best time doing it! I wasn't ill once while creating.

    Decorated the back covered deck to resemble like a Grecian nest. Hung gauzy curtains I made myself, added dragonfly lights at the tops of the rods I figured out how to make. Put a futon and comfy chairs. It was a magical place to sit at night especially when the rain fell on its tin roof.

    Our old home was a work in progress and there were many evenings I wore a tool belt while fixing dinner because there was always a project going on! I did the eBay thing for a couple years and made some profits. Went to estate sales, flea markets and found treasures. I like to hunt for them and sell or repurpose.

    Tried writing several books that I never finished. But right now I'm working on an outline for a book idea I have and with self-publishing being what it is today, I believe I can make it happen this time! I have enough material now after 7 years of having a houseboat (very old which we just sold) and "living" at the marina and all the drama and things I've learned. Yeah, it has a good base and some shady characters.

    All that aside, peering into your life enriches mine. Inspires me! Makes me laugh, cry, think and even ponder. That's a gift to me and means a lot!

    PS: on the morning of my 30th bday (11/9) I went to a local cemetary at sunrise on a frosty morning and walked around wondering about all the lives

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