Do You Think Lance Armstrong Cheated?

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  • Archangyll - 7 years ago

    I think Americans need to start eating those yams, and boiled bananas like Bolt and his boys ;)

  • Keith - 7 years ago

    I think he cheated just like most of the baseball players. The whole cancer situation helped him avoid scrutiny for a long time. Since most of the sport is dirty and almost everybody he ever beat has been caught with some stuff also I am going to go with him being guilty.

    In the grand scheme of things most people care more about cancer than cycling or what French people think so he will be good over here in the states.

  • Da Kc Stork - 7 years ago

    Barry Bonds told me who saw him do it.

  • ProfessLCH - 7 years ago

    Katie needs a Twitter.

  • Gaby - 7 years ago

    Hell yeah, son!! Now, I am not saying that he did the doping thing for every tour de france he was in, but, the French have been claiming this for years and other cyclists have spoken up about him supposedly doping during races from waaaaay back.

    I may be a bit biased as I think it was hella jacked of him to ditch his wife for Sheryl Crow....though I do love her music.

    On a funnier note, Ask put on a hilarious article about why one should hate Lance, and I just learned he dated Ashley Olsen...ok, that is wrong and icky on soooooo many levels.

    2 thumbs down for Lance.....

  • iDamienJackson - 7 years ago

    I Know That cheeser Lance cheated but every other cheeser in the race did too so.........Lance was the best cheater.Fuck it...he only got one ball so he is half a man that should count for something

  • Buck Jenkins - 7 years ago

    AMERICA!!!!!! Lance Armstrong veins pumps stars and stripes. He is lady liberties son and he left Cheryl crow because her teeth almost made him loose anoher ball....And Lance don't play that. Lance didn't have to cheat he had a glass of milk & Cheese before ever race.

  • J-Full - 7 years ago

    Of course Lance Armstrong cheated. People with two working testicles were cheating to win ONCE. He won 7 times in a row with one nut? Hell nah. And he keeps saying he never tested positive. He's tested positive several times but always gets off on some "technicality". But I HATE how the media is treating him with kid gloves. He didn't give up the fight, he just knew if it actually went to a public hearing America would get a chance to hear the truth. And because he's playing victim his charity has been getting mad donations. I don't give a shit about cycling enough to care if he cheated to win. I just hate how this cheater gets to be a hero meanwhile my nigga Barry Bonds can't even get a coaching job in the majors. We all hate cancer and we all hate liars. At thisi point Lance is just a liar trying to make the rest of us feel like he's a victim. Fuck him. Also if they really wanted us to care about cycling they'd race through Pamplona during the running of the bulls. Or have people jumping out of the bushes with paintball guns shooting the riders. Ohhh even better...give the cyclist TASERS! They'd be pedaling their ass off or falling off their bike and pissing their pants

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