Should Lance Armstrong resign from The Lance Armstrong Foundation? (Poll Closed)

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  • Jon Kaplan - 9 years ago

    Whether or not he won the Tour de France seven times with the use of doping or drugs, Lance has given a focus to fighting cancer and supporting its survivors in a way and to the extent that no one else ever has. Even if he did use doping and/or drugs (like the other Tour de France competitors who will now assume the Tour title), what it took for Lance to come back from cancer the way he did came from within himself, as did his desire to create the Foundation and serve a purpose far larger than himself.

  • Michele Petersen - 9 years ago

    I think that people that are asking him to step down from the foundation, he found,for cancer awareness and research, shows what little minds people have. I do not know if he was doping , but this has nothing to do with his charity work for cancer research! He is a survivor of cancer and this is something he appears to be passionate about. Why would we take him off the Live Strong Foundation when he is the star that started it. He still has star power. By no means does this make him a person that is not qualify to continue to raise money for this project.He is perfect spoke person for cancer!. We have to concentrate on curing cancer! There so many types of cancer that are killing people every day. If we do not have money coming in for research, then lets stop now! But I believe in giving anyone a second chance (not in a relationship) t0 prove to the public that he is willing to continue with raising more funds for research for cancer! We can not ask for a better spoke person, especially because he has experienced it himself! Pleases be supportive! I only see this partnership as a positive one! And I hope others can not think about the negative right now that surrounds him, but what he can do and has done to get more donors to keep this program alive!

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