What are you TRULY seeking from this Lifestyle?

Posted 6 years.


  • Bill - 1 year ago

    Saint Louis sub, bottom male sex-slave...

  • A Ewe - 6 years ago

    I would like to meat a Black TOP for a FB or FWB that I can please regularly. NOT likely around here.

  • tinasback - 6 years ago

    Hi Master

    I like many submissive sissies - crave ownership and total lack of control. We seek abject submission and humiliation without the need to make any decisions day to day. Sucking BBC cock, rimming black arse. worship pleasing BBC and total abasement infront of the superior race I guess
    It is difficult to explain but the more you crave it the stronger the urge becomes - its weird but impossible to resist for any length of time.
    I don't think a dom black guy could really ever understand a true sub sissies mind state as it must be soooo different from his own
    When a sissy is in full humiliation / submission mode it is strangely calming and has a feeling of rightness I suppose - weird but true for me at least
    Sissy Maid
    Tina x

    ps would be interesting to see if other sissy's feel the same

  • deeplydisturbedthatyoucare - 6 years ago

    deeplydisturbedbythissite needs to catch a clue that everybody who joins the site joined because they wanted to and identify with a like interest. Don't even think you can speak for the Black Men who choose to use white men who also CHOOSE to be used. Quite a difference from what our ancestors did to Their ancestors. As my Black Master says when I say something stupid... BITCH! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • tom dacosta - 6 years ago

    Looking for blackmaster to worship on a regular basis, willing for further training in around the providence/south coast of boston area

  • deeplydisturbedbythissite - 6 years ago

    Generations of black people have been enslaved, murdered, tortured and raped. Yet many Dom's on this site seem to think all this suffering means that they can use white guys to get there end away and do house chores. It is deeply disrespectful to all the good people who suffered and died. You people should be ashamed.

  • randpaul - 6 years ago

    the term "blackmans revenge" is what lured me here. a place where angry Black Men could enjoy getting revenge on the whole white race. In honesty, if i were single, even at my age (78) i would find a full time Master anywhere in the world and be his total total slave. but i am not single and very few whites on this site are. so unless i am willing to abandon my family (i am not) i seek to repay the Black Race by serving them in any manner i can. not just sexual, but more important with total obediance and continual physical abuse. humiliation and pain and total obediance , in my local area so that i can keep my family in the dark. Although i would love for my whole family to be submissive to Black. i am disheartened that only 2% of the Black Members here are satisfied with owing a white male for use as a whipping boy for the white race.

  • cub joe - 6 years ago

    Thank You BlackSovereign for posting this poll. My present situation, primary caregiver for elderly parents, precludes me from ownership. Until that changes it is my desire to be of service to a Superior Black Dominant.

  • slave g - 6 years ago

    Grateful to be exposed for inspection of real potential Superior Masters

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