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What was the most heartbreaking moment in Stargate history? (Poll Closed)

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  • David Smith - 2 years ago

    No doubt about this one, Janet Fraiser. What really upset me(and still does to this day), is that killing the character off was so unnecessary, what was the point? It didn't add anything to the show, as far as showing the reality of war, please, do me a favour. If you want to see the reality of war, then watch a gritty war film. We are talking about a sci-fi show, how many times did the main characters seem to get killed, only to be saved by plot armour. Teryl was a recurring guest star, she might have had seven seasons but in many episodes, she had minimal screen time. If you compare her character with that of Gul Ducat in Star Trek DS9, the actor, Marc Alamio was also a recurring guest star, but appeared right to the end and truly went on a journey.

  • Birgitte - 10 years ago

    It's a tie between Lantash's death and Martouf/Lantash being shot. I stopped watching Stargate for a long time after each, and I never enjoyed the show as much after that.

    To this date, the three first seasons are the ones I enjoy most, for the way the Tok'ra are depicted.

    Yay Tok'ra!

  • Fuchsia - 11 years ago

    There's no contest, it has to be the ascension of Daniel.
    If there was one single character that summed up Stargate for me, it was Dr Jackson.
    Loyal, single-minded, passionate, selfless, brave Daniel.... *tears up*!!!

  • Jason - 11 years ago

    UGH hard decisions.

    I'm can't decide if it's Janet or Riley.

    Janet's death was truly heartbreaking. It was Stargate's version of Jadzia's death. The death of a beloved character who everyone had come to love and was friends with everyone... that being said so was Riley's. Except Riley's wasn't in battle it was riding in a shuttle, and the blame lays at Rush's feet.

    So how do I decide.

    It has to be Janet... based soley on attractiveness. Not that Riley was rough on the eyes. But Janet in uniform... much hotter.

  • BiloBella&Kasper - 12 years ago

    It was a tough call esp between Carson & Janet, but since Carson "came back" I had to vote for Janet. We never enjoy losing a favourite character but I guess that helps keep a story "real".

  • TeesterX - 12 years ago

    I hope Stargate ascends like an Ancient back onto TV one day!

  • Taj S. - 12 years ago

    Each one of these optionswere really emotional Stargate events but for me Janet's death in "Heroes" trumps the others. I think one reason was it came without warning & happened so quickly. Also, seeing the emotional reactions onscreen of the team (Daniel screaming for a medic on the tape (!!), Sam in the hallway) made me feel the loss of this beloved character even more. "Heroes I & II" are probably SG-1's best episodes but the hardest for me to re-watch, emotional drama at it's best.

  • Marjorie - 12 years ago

    For me, it was a tough decision between Carson's death in "Sunday"and Tamara's ALS diagnosis in "Lives Unlived #3", but in the end, I had to go with the latter. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing not only someone die slowly, but also seeing that person's spouse and kids trying to help her through it, to the point of seeing Everett spoon-feeding her. Also, Varro's reaction to this discovery added the childlike innocence of hoping this would not happen to Tamara in the timeline they are currently in. The final bit of heartbreak came when the download had to be cut short, and the cure was not amongst what they had received. Kudos to Alaina Huffman for making this so believable in her acting, and also to the writers of giving her the gift of such a beautiful script to work from!

  • AnariaZanyr - 12 years ago

    Okay, so I left a comment on your blog the first time the poll was posted, but now you said on the poll page so to be sure I leave one here too.

    I hesitated between three, Janet, Daniel and Carson.
    To me Heroes is one of my least favourite episodes (it has it's moments, but the guy with the cameras just annoyed me a little too much) And somehow that ruined that "heartbreaking moment" for me.
    It wasn't that easy to chose between the last two (Carson or Daniel) but at the end I went with Daniel.

  • Ganymede - 12 years ago

    I wish VEGAS could've been turned into a spinoff...

    And THE SHRINE should be on this List!!

  • sudduthj01 - 12 years ago

    I don't know if it's too late to leave a comment or not, but I had to put my vote in for the death of Janet. Close behind would be the death of Carson Beckett. I think that the way in which the Janet episodes were done was very clever and the shock value pushed it to the top. Plus, with Janet's death you see the reactions of the other team members in a way that you don't in Carson's case. That video and of her death and Sam's eulogy still bring me to tears every time. I very much liked Janet and had grown accustomed to her presence on the show. It was sad to see her go, but they did a great job of showing just how great she was and honoring her for the hero that she was.
    The death of Carson will still bring me to tears as well. Carson was my favorite character in SGA, and Sunday is where we get to see some new beautiful quirks of his. From his excitement at fishing, to that cheeky look on his face when he confronts Elizabeth about her date, to the way he takes charge in this episode. Sunday lets Carson shine, and then he's gone. And Rodney's goodbye was a beautiful scene.
    So, these two are pull on my heart strings the most, but Janet wins out as the most heartbreaking in SG history.

  • James - 12 years ago

    Daniel ascending was terrible, but it left us knowing that he was still alive out there. Janet getting hit by the staff blast was so unexpected, I am tearing up as I even write this.

  • Jay Lewis - 12 years ago

    Went with the death of Beckett. Made me tear up & was 100% unexpected.

  • Taylor brereto - 12 years ago

    Daniels feather in ascension in my opinion. Still brings a year to my eye!

  • annamaria - 12 years ago

    Defenetly, the death of Janet Fraiser. It was the most heartbreaking moment for me, because she was one of my favorit character.

  • michael - 12 years ago

    the most heartbreaking moment, was when universe was cancelled.

  • Rolf - 12 years ago

    Janet Frasier's death, no doubt for me. I feel sad every time I think about her. Sam's speach makes me cry every time I see the episode.

  • Kristy - 12 years ago

    It has to be Janet. Such an amazing episode, and so heartbreaking, I can hardly manage to rewatch it. The cast put in great performances, too, especially Amanda Tapping.

  • Jamie Warren - 12 years ago

    For me it will always be the episode “Unending” for SG1. The fact that they spent an entire life on the ship and then lost everything they’d gained was such a loss. Daniel’s death was sad but he came back, Janet somewhat did the same due to the alternate universes. The same goes for Carson. In one way or another they all came back, so that kinda made it better for me. But the fact that so many possibilities and knowledge was lost in the reversal of time is just a waste of so many years of effort for the SG1 team.

    This would have been easier and somewhat better if I could’ve chosen one moment from each show because they were all separate entities in my mind…despite the fact that they were all part of the same universe. I love all three of the shows equally.

    For the other 2 shows I’d go with the moment that Jeannie saw Rodney for the first time in “The Shrine” (I know, not one of the choices but it was pretty hard watching that when you’ve lost someone from Alzheimer's) and when we see Eli at the very end of SGU standing there alone (again I know not a choice but I was so sad cause you never find out what happened…did he fix the pod and live or did he die?).

  • JimFromJersey - 12 years ago

    Still got to be Janet's death in Heroes...

  • Mike A. - 12 years ago

    I know you've already read this post from me, Joe, so consider this just for an official entry for the drawing.

    My vote was for Dr. Fraiser’s death. Of the episodes you listed, that one was the most shocking and heart-wrenching for me. She was such a stable in the SGC and it was so sad to see her go. Cute as a button, too! I love the memorial scene, too. Those military memorial services always get me choked up. Such a great episode. I loved how the documentarian is woven into the story deeper and deeper and by the end, his whole disposition and demeanor have changed because of her death. Fantastic work.

    Riley’s mercy killing was crazy. So many thoughts and emotions going at once. I didn’t know if I was sad, angry, upset, or understanding of the whole thing. I think I feel something different every time I watch it.

    Thanks for not including Gauntlet in this poll. I’m glad the distinction has been made in that respect. Furthermore, in the future, another poll you could do is for the Most Emotionally Moving Scene in SG franchise history. Like when Daniel visits Jack in Abyss. For me, this episode is easily one of my top 5 episodes of all time for the franchise. Jack and Daniel banter at it’s best and yet we see how deep their friendship really goes by episode’s end. This episode also reinforces the idea that SG1′s main focal story was ultimately a story about the relationship between Jack and Daniel, not Jack and Sam or any other focus other people have suggested(another great episode that conveys this is Menace).

    So much great stuff to go through! Thanks again, Joe.

  • Gina - 12 years ago

    Although Janet's shocking death was a commentary on the very real chaos of war, my vote went to the death of Daniel in Meridian. His unselfish sacrifice to save a planet and their culture was the embodiment of what Daniel was about, but I think the thing that resonated the most for me as the viewer, and by extension the reason why I had to vote for this episode went beyond what Daniel represented to the show and the team of SG-1. It has been said over and over that his character was the "conscience" of the show, reminding Jack of the humanity within all the cultures and peoples they were meeting and interacting with, and yes that is true. But for me, he was the closest that I as a viewer could get to feel like I was going through the Stargate. Just a person, or maybe even a family member.. a brother, someone you cared deeply about.. Someone who was non military with a heartfelt focus. He was the vicarious link through which I could immerse myself into the Stargate world. Losing him was so emotional for everyone on the show, but as a viewer, he was "everyman" and our collective adventures were at an end.

    I wish I could express my thoughts better on this, but I hope it makes some sort of sense.

    -- Gina

  • Lewis - 12 years ago

    I voted Lives Unlived #3 SGU's "Epilogue" because I have the utmost respect for the writers "going there" with the topic of ALS. To me it's personal. I was sick for quite some time until the doctors came to the conclusion that it was a form of ALS. It's amazing how hearing a doctor utter three little letters can take your breath away and change your life forever as you first wait for the inevitable then deal with the loss of normalcy and being unable to do the littlest of things. Alaina Huffman (TJ) was amazing in this episode and knocked it out of the ballpark on the emotional spectrum of knowing what she would eventually have to deal with (and without). The writing was fantastic! Far and few is the topic of ALS ever seen in scripted television, let alone handled the right way like it was with SGU …not seen with pity, but with honest to God fear of what the future holds. Kudos to you Joe, and all the writers for going to a place few have gone before and doing so without tying a nice little bow on the topic (you very easily could have ended the episode with a cure being found in the ancient database and everyone goes about their merry way, but you didn't and that was definitely the right call because real life isn't that way). Thank you for the episode, Joe, it will go down as one of my all time Stargate favorites because it brought a touch of reality to science fiction.

    Oh, and for anyone who is reading this and is wondering if ALS is an automatic death sentence isn't always. Research has made so much progress the past few years (thanks in part to the Labor Day Telethon) that some great medicines have become available. No, there still is not a cure, but at least there is more medical treatments now than ever before. Not only that but there are patients with ALS that have lived productive lives for many years …for instance Steven Hawking has had ALS for 50 years ..and I have a feeling that SGU's "Epilogue" is probably one of his favorites too!

  • BoltBait - 12 years ago

    I voted for Janet's death.

  • JP - 12 years ago

    Very hard, all were heartbreaking, but Janet's death had the most impact for me

  • Samantha Padilla - 12 years ago

    Everytime I watch Sam's reaction coming back from the field, her yelling at the camera crew...we've never seen Sam as pushed as that. And then to see Daniel's video of how Janet died, I always cry and my first thought is always about Cassandra and my second is, we never know whether they're alive or dead but, Janet's parents. One of the most gutwrenching things is for a parent to outlive their child.

    Another heartbreaking moment that I think got overlooked is Charin's death. Charin's final words are poignant but what's even more so are Carson and Teyla's reactions when the heart monitor flatlines. Carson was already established as one of the most emotional and compassionate people on Atlantis, but Teyla had been established as compassionate, yes, but also as one of the strong rocks of the Expedition and to see her lose it, that's second only to see her lose it while packing Elizabeth's office stuff up and Ronon consoling her as she does it. Both are incredibly touching moments.

  • Jean - 12 years ago

    One that isn't mentioned (that really gets to me) is Continuum, when Sam, Daniel and Cam are all separated from each other in a past world. They've lost everything, and now they don't even get to have (much) any contact with each other. They're just living out their lives, not even doing what they're best at. Nobody dies at that point but it's still so sad.

  • david Knowles - 12 years ago

    The death of Riley, because not only did you feel sad loosing Riley, you knew that Young that a part of Young also died in that seen, it always heartbreaking watching someone take a life to save them from the pain they would have suffered otherwise.

  • xxxevilgrinxxx - 12 years ago

    I'm surprised the death of Riley hasn't gotten more votes. Even thinking about that scene is heart-wrenching :(

  • BMc - 12 years ago

    Vegas... Loneliness, regrets for the past, and the willingness to die to do something right. Yes, it's AU, but it's strong.

  • David - 12 years ago

    Difficult decision; however, I have to go with Lives Unlived #2 (Atlantis - Last Man). The sacrifice of Carter, and the bro moment and sacrifice of Todd and Ronan, and then the Jennifer and McKay story which was the most heartbreaking of all.

  • Marsh - 12 years ago

    Most assuredly when Riley died. Amazing acting there! Thanks joe

  • Becky Truitt - 12 years ago

    Very hard choice. I finally went with Jacob's death but could have just as easily went with Janet or Beckett's death. I cried at all of these.

  • prof.madmax - 12 years ago

    Abydonians-went to a better place. I always felt their culture was treated with excellence.
    Jacob-already received bonus life. Had time to reboot his relationship with his kids.

    Dr. Janet Frasier-Ba Da Bing! Dead bang. The most heart-wrenching write out since Jimmy Smits on NYPD Blue and Col. Henry Blake on M*A*S*H. Thankfully Janet was spared the uber suffering Jimmy endured. Then no other sign of Cassie, SGU's loss.

    Daniel-He came back.
    Lives Unlived 1,2,3- well they were lives unlived. Great shows though!
    Carson-he came back, kinda, sorta. Shocking write out.
    Riley-Stung the worst, gamechanger.

  • Lee Peters - 12 years ago

    I voted for Heros too. Such a great episode with everything else that is going on with the documentary too. Another good episode that I woul have voted for is the episode where jack is captured by Baal and is killed over and over again. The episode ended well but haste took you on an emotional ride

  • Andrew - 12 years ago

    I agree with the consensus that the top 3 are Janet, Carson and Daniel but for me it's got to be the scene with Daniel and Jack in the gate room in Meridian - still gives me goosebumps every time I watch that episode.

  • Airelle - 12 years ago

    I voted Heroes, Janet's death. I thought Sal did a wonderful job of being a pushy awful reporter. I did actually cry at the end, No way it could not be Jack, I mean thats how it seemed, and well when it was Dr Fraiser, I felt so awful, truly a heartbreaking moment for me. I could not bring myself to watch the episode again, knowing the ending. I think of it now as being an alternate reality episode to deal with the fact that its not in my reality...(i know,its a show, but it was that good)thank you.

  • Jim S. - 12 years ago

    So hard to choose...

    I almost went with Janet Fraiser but in the end watching Rodney lose Jennifer Keller was my choice.

  • Chad - 12 years ago

    I was going to vote for the death if Dr. Frasier, which was shocking and heart breaking because I really enjoyed her character, but the drawn out sequence showing the steady decline in health of TJ and then her kids sitting at the table without their mom actually brought tears to my eyes.

  • woody woodward - 12 years ago

    I was gonna go with Janet but chose Riley instead. Reason being, he was still a young individual who had the potential to learn . Janet was older and of course very smart. But as an older person myself. I lean towards the future and hope new blood will change the course we as people are headed. Colonel Everett Young , doing what I feel was the right thing, had to be hard for hime. I know what that's like. That's my pick.

  • Kirsten - 12 years ago

    I had to vote for Janet's death because although I was also saddened by Beckett's death, I really loved Janet. I loved the times we saw with Janet and Sam and the relationship they shared. It didn't always pass the Bechdel test but it came damn close. Janet and Sam were the reason I started watching Stargate SG1 and watching Heroes I and II to this day makes me cry.

  • Jason Mercer - 12 years ago

    Definately Janet Fraiser. I was very upset when she died. I met her in person recently at Armageddon in New Zealand and she is lovely.

  • Victoria - 12 years ago

    I went with Carson, but was very tempted toward's Janet's death. I picked Carson in the end but both his and Janet's deaths were sudden and shocking, just the way they realistically would be in the situations.

  • Kate - 12 years ago

    Tough choice! I went with Carson, but it was difficult to choose. I think frasers death was most shocking as I had no idea before the episode that the charicter was being killed off. All of them really sad though.....i cried at most of them!

  • Kate - 12 years ago

    Tough choice! I went with Carson, but it was difficult to choose. I think frasers death was most shocking as I had no idea before the episode that the charicter was being killed off. All of them really sad though.....i cried at most of them!

  • Misty - 12 years ago

    I had a hard time deciding on this one. There were so many heartbreaking moments represented here. The death and ascension of Daniel, Janet's death and the loss of Carson all had me in tears as I watched them, and every time I've seen them since that first viewing. I caught Daniel's death as a re-run, so already knew he was coming back, so that blunted the pain a bit, but the loss of the doctors was 'real-time' for me. I ended up choosing Carson's death in the end.

  • InLoveWithSG1 (Liz) - 12 years ago

    Janet's death was by far the saddest death of all in my opinion. Between the wonderful two part ep and the ending with Sams speech at the service. My heart was just broken. Though one thing I didn't understand was why Cassi wasn't there at the end. but anyways... Becket's death is a very close second but his was more of a shocker. I remember finishing Sunday and still staring at the screen thinking ok what just happened here surely that did not just happen. But in the end the loss wants the same as when Janet died because Becket "came back."


  • Dtape - 12 years ago

    I choose the Death of Janet Fraiser. You never really expect the Doctor to die when he/she mainly stays safe on the base. Though I must admit that it was a tough choice. While I did like some of the other choices, I thought that this one was the most heartbreaking.

    I think a good idea for your next poll should be best "Alternate" Timeline (you could include some of the options that you have hear as Lives Unlived and some of the best of the others like the Aschen future)

  • Luc Blackburn - 12 years ago

    My first choice is RDA and Michael Shanks in Daniel's death and his ascension. Riley's death was clearly my second choice. The scene is terrific, both actors deserved 10/10 for this one for sure.

    Close battle, but i liked Daniel much more then Riley :P

  • Paulinr - 12 years ago

    I was torn between Daniel's death, Janet's death and TJ's fate. All if these had me in tears but ultimately Daniel's death is thee most heartbreaking because it's the first death of a mainstream character in all of the SG series...and it's Daniel!! I still remember how awful I felt for days (honestly) and just when I thought I eas better Revelations was aired :-(. The grieving of the other members of the team make it even harder. I honestly don't know what was more sad, Jack being able to say bye or Sam and Teal'c not being able to. Daniel's death also haunted me throughout season 6 when he would occassionally appear and I still cry at the end of Abyss and Changeling.

    Janet's death was more shocking to me than heatybreaking, one moment she was there the next she was gone :-( Tragic episode but I got over it easier than Meridian.

  • Jennifer Draves - 12 years ago

    I'd have to say Jacob's passing. There was so much going on in that episode. Sam trying to figure out who she wanted to be with, Pete or Jack. I think it was a more Sam centric episode and losing her dad when she needed him the most was the most heartbreaking part. He gave her her answer about what to do about her life but she still needed him to get through it. Another moment that made Sam the strong woman she was.

  • kt - 12 years ago

    This was the toughest poll yet for me. While great moments, I ruled out the Abydonians Ascension, Jacob's death and forgetting in Unending because they were softened for me. The same was true with the AU Sheppard lines while Riley's death just never struck me that way.

    So we're left with the beloved characters deaths, and the reason people love to poke fun at Stargate's love for killing of doctors, it wasn't just a simple death and we move on, they were Moments in the franchise that stuck with people, and of course Daniel's drawn out death and last moments with his team building up to saying goodbye, again, to Jack.

    I come to Janet, Daniel and Carson in the end. I'm not sure if it's because T.J.'s was softened a bit with some hope, but the other three get me a bit more. I still cry watching those three moments. Sam's moment at the end was brilliant and always breaks me if I haven't yet, as does that moment with Jack and Daniel and the moment with Carson and McKay, though I'll be honest I've usually lost the struggle not to cry by then unless someone is watching with me.

    So, how to choose? In the end, I think I'll go with Janet's death, but only due to semantics.

  • Joel - 12 years ago

    It is a difficult choice, Janet's death and the moment of Daniel Jackson’s death are really heartbreaking. But I choose Janet's death. When she was killed by an errant blast was really shocking and the camara that captured the moment made it so real and so intense.

  • Aaron H - 12 years ago

    I was torn between Janet's death and Daniel's death. Ultimately I went with Daniel's death because he had been my favorite character up to that point and I was worried where the show would go without him.

  • Jesse S - 12 years ago

    Like a previous post I went with Riley due to the unexpectedness and in my opinion no other death was as emotional (for us and the characters) as this one. The others that top my list were Beckett and Fraiser.

  • JimFromJersey - 12 years ago

    Janet's death, taken in the context of Heroes I & II was above all the most heartbreaking for me. It was in fact, one of the most powerful moments of entertainment I've ever experienced.

  • Russ - 12 years ago

    There were so many heartbreaking moments in all of the SG series but with Janet Fraser you got use to her character being there when they needed her and then she was gone. The two part episode really showed how heartbreaking it was.

  • Netty - 12 years ago

    The death of Frasier was by far the most heartbreaking stargate moment. No matter how many times I see Heroes I and II I always shed a tear. Of course all the other heartbreaking moments in Stargate history were sad however Heroes broke my heart the most.

  • Janet - 12 years ago

    Heroes I&II. Just cannot bear to watch. I am a blubbering mess all the way thorough. First we think it is Jack, bad enough. Then later we find out it is Dr. Fraiser who died, well I just howled. The eulogy from Samantha was just heart breaking. Brilliantly written, directed and acted. Almost the perfect episode.

  • Tammi K - 12 years ago

    Oh, sooooo hard to choose. I picked Jennifer Keller. I loved seeing Rodney finally have something so lovely, but to lose it was beyond sad.

  • Nick C - 12 years ago

    I chose Riley, mainly because that episode sums up for me the sheer brilliance of SGU. It showed just how big its balls were and that it was ready to twist the knife it had just plunged in our side. And finally the acting quality - extraordinary!

  • J. Chris Tucker - 12 years ago

    I was extremely torn between the loss of Beckett and of Riley, but ultimately went with Riley, mainly because when watching it, I couldn't help but think "they're gonna figure something out, they'll save him." Not only did that not happen, but Young had to kill him, which just added another layer of heartbreak, because you know transition into his feelings of duty, and guilt, and pain. Just... ouch.

  • Scott Hander - 12 years ago

    Janet Fraiser, that was really upsetting. And the eulogy by Carter was perfect.

  • Alex Valentine - 12 years ago

    I put Jacob's Passing because I loved the entire Tok'ra storyline. I'm not going to say it was my favorite storyline throughout the entire three series, but it ranks pretty close to the top.

  • Laura - 12 years ago

    I put death of Riley. Last year at Dragoncon I asked the guys what the hardest scene to film was and Louis answered this one. I didn't watch SG1 until later so I knew Daniel came back and I knew that Janet died so the shock wasn't there for me. But Riley was unexpected. Plus, I loved Riley!

  • Anne Teldy - 12 years ago

    I'm crying as I type this. The moments you listed were all sad, I cried when most of them aired, but Janet Fraser's death makes me cry whenever I think of it. Even though I preferred Stargate Atlantis to SG1, the entire two-part episode -- the lead up to the reveal of Janet Fraser's death -- haunts me.

    Anne Teldy

  • Kevin - 12 years ago

    Difficult choice, but the episode that I not only enjoyed but also affected me personally on many levels was Atlantis - The Last Man. An excellent concept coupled with a great script. Plus two outstanding performances from Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett.

    I've enjoyed all three Stargate versions, but this particular episode will pop into my head from time to time without any prompting. It's got to be the one that tugged on my heartstrings the hardest!

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