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Do you believe that the government flooded Black communities with crack?

Total Votes: 4,519

  • Lul - 2 years ago

    You kept capitalizing the word “black” in your article
    Why? Do you understand how English works?

  • aric - 3 years ago

    i hope everyone does actual research and doesnt read these open ended papers that just cement the thought in their minds. i live with several black people, and only one of those roommates doesnt believe in this. they all believe it because "my dad told me" "my pastor told me" (which is another shackle black people need to remove from themselves: religion.) "my grandma told me" etc. when i bring up actual proof they didnt do it, they just get pissed off and start yelling because "you could never understand, you're white so you will never know". they need to do research and get their heads out of their asses.

  • Rosalie - 5 years ago

    Unbelievable almost 75% believe. Just goes to show 75% can't think for themselves or are to lazy to hunt down the facts. In the late '70's the cocaine market was bottoming out & the dealers were trying to up the profits so they started crystallizing coke to make it more profitable. Late '70's people...long before the government used drug money to fund a war in Nicaragua.

  • matt - 6 years ago

    wow that you actually believe it is a conspiracy. by that line of reasoning alcohol and cigarettes are also a conspiracy, and cars too! LOL and don't forget drownings too, water is the white mans' invention so hmmm

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