In your experience, does Piaggio/Vespa need to improve their service and delivery?
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  • Dr. Kevin Novak Ph.D. - 10 years ago

    When my GTS 250 IE needed a new fuel pump I had to find out from Modern Vespa forum, nobody contacted me, nobody said a word,everybody kept quiet that my Vespa had a defective fuel pump. Of course when I bought my Vespa I got all kinds of letters from PIaggio thanking me for buying the Vespa and so forth and so on. But when it was time for a recall for a $500 fuel pump nobody even knew I existed from PIaggio. A defective fuel pump that could have left stranded Hundreds of miles from home and I would've had to pay an outrageous price to have my bike towed back home just to find out it was a fuel pump that should've been recall. That is despicable customer appreciation.

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