Is it OK to Spank Your Child?

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  • Oliver Stieber - 7 months ago

    spare the rod, spoil the child. is used out of context, it's from a love poem, really people. it's saying to spare the rod and instead spoil the child.

  • Rhonda Bridgeford - 1 year ago

    Although I do not spank my child , at least not yet and he is nearly 7 years old. I have to say that I now see what is wrong with this world with 70% of the voters saying NO it is never ok to spank. Maybe it is old school, maybe not, I am 48 years old and I think saying it is never ok is just too much. My brother, sister and I were all spanked as children and even teens, 99.9% of our friends were as well and I think all of us have turned out to be just fine. Without some of the whippings I received to correct my actions, I think I may have turned out to be a spoiled, self absorbed entitled little fool like some of the kids we are seeing today. My opinion of course, to each their own.

  • Robert - 2 years ago

    Hitting a child teaches bullying to them.

  • Sara - 2 years ago

    I agree with Vicki. In my local area I saw on the news that a 9-year-old boy had jumped out the window to escape a spanking from his parents. They had told him to go to his room and wait for them to come up there. He hated being spanked and opened the window to jump so he could prevent the spanking. He hit his head and died. He was so desperate to avoid the spanking that he risked his life.

  • Vicki Burgess - 2 years ago

    It is NEVER okay to hit a child. Safety is important to children. When their safety is taken, then what happens is they are full of fear. Children have critical brain development going on and fear or stress can damage that development. Also, if a child has to live with fear and harm, they have to begin to DENY their safety; thus, the coping mechanism of DENIAL. It isn't a good thing as that can carry over into adulthood by making very poor choices. Also, ignoring red flags, when they should have paid attention to them. For instance, a woman who stays in an abusive relationship.

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    Absolutely not okay. Why should adults be able to use physical force just because they're bigger and stronger?

  • Dee - 4 years ago

    I think I'd have offered a fourth option: "It's ok sometimes and for some kids, but not always or for all kids." Kids aren't interchangeable, so categorical statements like "It's never ok" or "It's always ok" don't seem to represent the real experiences that people go through.

    I respect and believe those adults who claim they didn't mind being spanked and weren't harmed by it. I myself was not one of them. To an outsider, spanking me might have looked totally justified and "ok." But if anyone had understood how I really felt, I sincerely believe the spanking would have stopped immediately and never happened again. Remembering this, I could never in good conscience spank a child because I wouldn't know how that child was going to be affected by it. I think it's more important to make sure that, if there is a problem related to spanking, the kid feels safe saying something and will be taken seriously.

  • Aaron - 5 years ago

    Agree with Vanessa 100 percent...Kids without fear of getting the stinging effect on their palm or bottoms now and then are far to common. Parents will rather let themselves get embarrassed in public by their kids than showing a bit of "considerate" and caring discipline

  • Vanessa King - 5 years ago

    This website is stupid and honestly I think you guys deserve an ass whopping NOW!!!!!!

  • Vanessa King - 5 years ago

    This website is stupid and honestly I think you guys deserve an ass whopping NOW!!!!!!

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