Will you buy Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, as soon as available
    1,040 votes

  • Yes, within 3 months of release
    302 votes

  • Yes, within 6 months of release
    96 votes

  • Yes, but longer than 6 months from release
    52 votes

  • I can't say without pricing information
    223 votes

  • No
    265 votes


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  • Chris - 7 years ago

    I have an iPhone 4S and quite satisfied with it. My notebook is an HP EliteBook Workstation used for engineering and project management. I might be interested in a Windows smartphone if it can run MS Office Pro smoothly and keep files synchronized with my PC. That is, only files I select to synchronize. On top of that the Windows smartphone must have the ability to function as a WiFi base station and alternatively transfer files connected directly to my notebook while charging. More could be said but I am sure Microsoft understands this hint.

  • Tregonsee - 7 years ago

    I use Verizon, so not yet. I am not a big ap user, but even the most basic are not yet available for it. When I CAN get one, and if the user base has crossed 10%, I will very likely get one, just to be contrary.

  • bikerrich - 7 years ago

    No, really maybe, because I dumped (in a manner of speaking) my Lumia 710 after only two weeks for lack of speech to text keypad; no swype keypad, not enough integration with google functions. But, I was happy to have a Nok instrument in my hand once again, since I left symbian for android about three years ago. Been missing Nok. Next time I will look before I leap. All the hype about colors and charging are sheer nonsense if the os is no good. Plus I will not buy a phone wider than about 59mm cause it's not comfy in my hand past that. So all those micro, mini tablet phones are not my style. But I do like the visuals on the home screen, and the 710 worked flawlessly. But the os isn't, or wasn't, mature. so that's that. And what's the difference, I'd have had to dump it to 'upgrade' anyway. For the present I'm sticking with android. Got a nice SE Neo V which has a great hand feel, evocative of Nok. Pleeze Nok, build some android phones. Start a new secret division "Aikon". People with think it's Japanese. They'll sell. I was all in favor of Nok going with WP instead of being just another android clone manufacturer, but sadly discovered that WPmango just couldn't hold a candle to android. So let's see what WP8 looks like, and what a phone with a 3.7 inch screen looks like. go, Nok.

  • John Bagg - 7 years ago

    I've used a Windows phone since the Blackjack, for the original purpose of syncing contacts, files, etc. with my CPU, and typing emails, word documents, etc. using my phone. Hopefully, Nokia will come out with a slider version so I can upgrade from my Quantum. The keyboard should be a must for business minded people who want to complete the "Windows 8" loop.

  • Paul Katz - 7 years ago

    I'd get mine early, but as a Lumia 900 buyer, I'm gonna have to wait until at least 4/2013 before upgrading (barring some special upgrade pricing for existing Lumia owners).

  • pmdci - 7 years ago

    Unless leading developers start taking interest in the Windows Phone platform, it is useless no matter how slick, powerful, flexible, trendy and hip you, me (or anyone else for that matter) think it is.

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