Should the Browns have a moment of silence for Art Modell on Sunday?

  • Ruth - 9 years ago

    Cleveland fans have always been known for their dedication to our city and our team. Show the rest of the world that we have class we have too. He gave us 35 years, we can give him one moment. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. RIP Art. Business decisions aren't always in the best interest of all, people are still driving cars after the millions of bonus dollars paid out to all those CEO's...Sometimes a mans got to do what a mans got to do....

  • deedee - 9 years ago

    no. he left us, remember that. let ravens take part. he make the choice to leave cleveland. honor what? he broke our hearts and left us in the dirt. ill hate him forever.

  • Bridget - 9 years ago

    No because Modell has/had nothing to do with these Browns. He divorced Cleveland when he took his team away and renamed his team the Ravens.

  • SHIRLEY - 9 years ago

    I say NO not at our stadium maybe somewhere else but he took our stadium away and we should not even speak his name in OUR HOUSE !!!

  • Cathy - 9 years ago

    I believe Cleveland should show the nation we are a proud city of our Browns organization and have integrity and class and allow a moment of silence to respect, not only Art Modell, but his family. Cleveland Brown fans need to put their hatred aside for one minute and be a class act.

  • Teresa - 9 years ago

    the respectable thing to do is yes we should , we should be the better man and stand tall not look like a bunch of non caring asses .... show respect for the man !!

  • Marie Storrow - 9 years ago

    Let the ravens do it. I'm afraid you would have no silence if you try it at the stadium. There are to many hard feelings.

  • Rick P - 9 years ago

    Yes, there should be a moment of silence. The man did more for this town than most people could ever imagine. His moving the Browns was purely financial and he anguished more over the move any of us. We still have the legacy, the colors, a new stadium and now a new owner. And we are here to talk about it. Let the anger go and just say "Rest In Peace" Art!

  • Nicole - 9 years ago

    I agree with Pete!!!! Every game should have a moment of silence this weekend!

  • jenett - 9 years ago

    i say let bigons b bigons. Hes still a humonbeing. How would all of u like to be judged for all ur mistakes. Besides, he did give us the best yrs of browns football. Havent seen anything good since he left. R.I.P modell

  • Nicole - 9 years ago

    I say yes because he did a lot to lead football where it is today. Not to mention Monday Night Football! What would the world be like without it?! He is part of Browns history and should be recognized and repected in his passing.

  • Mwillett - 9 years ago

    We should not. Perhaps baltimore should. Modell gave much to cleveland over the years and is do respect but I don't think it would be a respectful moment in cleveland on sunday. He took our team away any many still hold a big grudge. Also I think what the browns statement said was respectful and enough.

  • Nini - 9 years ago

    RIP Art Modell. But no way should I or any Browns fan be forced to remember or pay any respect to him! That was apparently the way Art wanted it when he made his decision!

  • big c - 9 years ago

    no way! he has nothing to do with our current team.. do it in baltimore not here.. that was HIS choice!

  • grumpy31700 - 9 years ago

    He left Cleveland and destroyed the heart and soul of this town, took an iconic team with him. There should be no tribute to him. All he had to do in order to stay is make one phone call to a tv station or newspaper and they would have built him a new stadium, sure they would grumble but that would have been the right move. But he left in the middle of the night and abandoned this town

  • Pete - 9 years ago

    I feel they should have a moment of silence at every game this weekend.

  • Replacement official - 9 years ago

    I say no, but not because it's for Art Modell. It's to save Cleveland fans from once again embarrassing themselves and making the city look bad. You know they will boo. People need to just get over it.

  • Kit - 9 years ago

    Hell no. Let the Ravens have a moment of silence. It has taken the Browns years to rebuild since Modell took the Browns and left. We still haven't recovered.

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