Which should be Leslie's next bike?

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  • Tractah - 10 years ago

    I own a 2011 KLR, decent local DS bike but I'm not so sure i'd want to do a long trip on it, which got me to thinking about a Triumph Tiger XC 800. I tried one and loved it, (...'cept the stalling issue is in the back of my mind) but my 'wing has kind of spoiled me so i'd like to have cruise and shaft drive...hhhhmmm...now i'm thinking maybe a Tiger Explorer 1250 (or XC)...little heavier but not an unmanageable weight,... gas mileage?, who knows...and if you equip a Tiger 800 as the Explorer XC appears to arrive stock (according to what i've read) then your talking similiar money....and they are low...yet i've also read that they have a fly by wire throttle issue, that being that the throttle is way to sensitive and impossible to ride smoothly on rough or wash board surfaces, to the point where law suits are being threatened due to safety issues....wtf Triumph?
    Probably going to hold off until spring and see what developes but I would not bet against an Explorer XC in my garage come April....and thats why I voted other..

    Dale Smith

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