Do you agree with the USTA's decision to NOT financially support Townsend?


  • Dell King - 12 years ago

    Serena fined $85,000 the largest fine to date of any tennis player.

  • Dell King - 12 years ago

    When Serena Williams is fined over $85,00 for an outburst the largest fine in the history of tennis , Ray charles and see whats going on here. The USTA desires to keeep this game an Lilly White as possible.

  • Sam - 12 years ago

    I'm so upset at this that I forgot to type the word bad in front of body images, as in "bad body images"!

  • Sam - 12 years ago

    Excuse me, are you kidding me? If this young lady wasn't "Healthy", how is it she has the athletic endurance to play at a level that ranks her number "One"! It's people like you that cause our young women to have body images. Shame on you!

  • Eric - 12 years ago

    This is silly, What 16 year old boy or girl does not have a body image problem. If this girl is the best player in the US for her age group she should go, Her health is not an issue, it is they (USTA) does not want to have someone of her size represent the "best". As this child develops she will have to make a commitment to her be the best shape just like Davenport, Martina, Agassi did, or she will lose, but to put that pressure on a developing player is obsene. She is so young and will have to grow in many ways and to deny her opportunity based on current body image and not results calls for a lawsuit. If our future was determined by our habits when we were young then many of us would never had made it.

  • GreatRewards - 12 years ago

    Seems reasonable. the USTA has every right to decide who they want to PAY FOR. If they don't want to PAY HER WAY, then they don't have to. They're not keeping her out of tournaments... they're just not going to PAY for them. If she's truly the best in the world, then she should have no touble going pro and getting sponsors.

  • Yvette - 12 years ago

    if the USTA is really concerned about her 'health and long term development' they would work to educate and encourage her for the long term - not toss her aside. These people are full of CRAP!!

  • YOLANDA - 12 years ago

    You should be ashamed but I bet you are not. The physicians should determine fitness not the USTA

  • M Riddick - 12 years ago

    This is an outrage. How dare YOU! Fitness comes in different shapes and sizes. Taylor is a top ranked player and obviously fit enough to EXCEL at her sport. Pat McEnroe and your cronies should be ashamed of yourselves.........You should actually be promoting the opposite. You at the USTA are a disgrace, and it is because of you that many of our young beautiful children suffer from poor self-esteem. Pat McEnroe I hope you have a thick skin and are prepared for all the negative energy that you bring to the USTA and it's sponsors. There are several people who would be encouraged by seeing someone who LOOKS like them and does not conform to your mold. Taylor has worked extremely hard to get to where she is........HOW DARE YOU! One career singles title! That's ALL? Give me a break.........

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