What grade do you give the Season 5 premiere of 'Sons of Anarchy'?

  • Sycondia Fuqua - 9 years ago

    It was f***ing AMAZING, gets better every season, can't wait til next week!!!!

  • Crystal - 9 years ago

    "Awesome", I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole show! It was beyond my expectactions of what I thought the season was going to be bringing back. I had to keep running outside and yelling at my boyfriend to get inside cause he was missing the best part, then BAM something else would stunn me. I was so shocked @ Tigs scene I bawled my eyes out as I watched him sitting there wishing he could take it all away. I know I've been a lifer from the begining and can't wait for more! Thanks to Gemma too she did a shocker with the two girls, GO GEMMA!!! Sutter you are something else I'll give you two hands up babe!

  • Christie - 9 years ago

    I thought this SOA episode was very raw and very emotional. What I saw "Tig" go through was crazy. I couldn't imagine that happening in real life. I woke up thinking about the show all during the night and played it over in my mind. Kurt Sutter is a genius!

  • Jim - 9 years ago

    The opening scene with Gemma was absolutely shocking but undeniably awesome. Hope there is more of same to follow.

  • Leon Smith - 9 years ago

    Best episode yet, been watching SoA from season 1 episode 1. can't wait to see the shit they do in this season. but i'm with the rest of you. Tig's daughter burning alive got me hard, i couldn't watch that shit again, i had to fast forward through that part the second and third time i watched it.

  • tone - 9 years ago

    Excellent, didn't see that coming I can't wait til next week!

  • Glen - 9 years ago

    Dito john! you could'nt have said it any better, ~SOA 4LIFE~ To bad there is only a couple of more seasons ~ As long as the ~SOA fans are happy it should keep going like -Dallas- that seemed like it was on for ever!!!!!!!

  • Tommy - 9 years ago

    The most amazing part of this show is the writing. As much of a low life murdering piece of scum as Tig is in the show, I still felt sorry for him as he watched his daughter burn up. That's some powerful writing right there!!

  • Shawna - 9 years ago

    I'm horrified sometimes cause it's so real.. What I mean by that is I feel like I know the caracters in real life because I've watched from the beginning.. The season 5 premiere I looked at my husband and said "holy Sh-T" That was intense with tears rolling down my face as I watched the scene where they burned Tig's daughter.. I could feel his pain... In my book that's good acting... The life they live on the show is not relatible to mine of coarse but I can relate too their emotions.. I love them all no matter how sliming they can be cause the cast is just so perfect.... I catch myself rooting for Gemma all the time even if what she's doing is twisted at the time.... Kurt Sutter is beyond an amazing writer...

  • jay - 9 years ago

    it was intense,breath taking the best episode ive seen so far i cant wait for next tuesday's episode

  • Kari - 9 years ago

    Who ever gave it less an awesome, is not an SOA fan!!! Every season keeps me wanting more!!!

  • John - 9 years ago

    INCREDIBLE ! Just as you think the show HAS TO HAVE PEAKED It gets even BETTER & WAY more Intense ! ~SOA 4LIFE~

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