Which USA Network bubble show do YOU most think deserves renewal?

  • Notpink - 8 years ago

    why they renewed the show with the least voters... bring my Wes & Travis back !!!

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Common Law and Necessary Roughness are shows my wife and enjoy on USA.

  • dylan - 9 years ago

    please put common law back on its a really good show everyone loves it and i stayed up all night watching these episode and i am really mad that season 2 is not comming out

  • MELYNDA HALE - 9 years ago

    I noticed that i was seeing all the shows that were returning in January and Common Law was not one of them .are they crazy , My family and I were waiting patiently for it's return. Who do I write to!!!!! lynn

  • jenny - 9 years ago

    After a long week of work I would look forward to watching common law it was awesome and deserves to be put back on.

  • yogurtholic - 9 years ago

    Miss Travis and Wes badly :-(
    Common Law is a good choice after studying or working for a whlode day.
    Please renew the show !!!!!!!!!!

  • spartans - 9 years ago

    I agree with my common law fans. Its one of the best shows I've seen in a long time so I would look forward for the next season .

  • bontrica - 9 years ago

    Common Law is one of the best cop shows that I have seen in a long time. Michael Ealy and Warren kole work very well together.

  • breezy - 9 years ago


  • Bob - 9 years ago

    No other network has the good shows like USA. Who are these Nielsen viewers? The shows they like I have never heard of! Those Nilsen viewers should watch one episode of Political Animals and they'll be hooked. Why doesn't USA show reruns of the shows they are considering cancelling and ask viewers for a real vote via the computer and knock off looking at biased Nielsen ratings!! go Political Animals

  • JoJo - 9 years ago

    Common Law wasn't paired with a stellar show such as Royal Pains or Burn Notice, and was shown on Fridays, which already has lower audience viewing than other days of the week. It is too bad, because I think Common Law was one of the funnier cop shows out there. I can only hope that it gets a second chance.

  • MARIA GARCIA - 9 years ago

    Fairly Legal all the way!!! #1

  • Arianne Jane - 9 years ago

    Please renew Fairly Legal!!! Its the only USA show I watch.
    The whole Asia will be disappointed if you cancel this show... :'(

  • Linda Loo - 9 years ago

    My favorite show is Common Law. I don't understand why it wouldn't be renewed. It seems like it has a strong fan base. I really hope they give it another chance and sign on for season 2. Both stars said they would be down for another season. USA should keep Common Law, it's the best show they have.

  • Huntsman_Des - 9 years ago

    Political Animals is FANTASTIC! Absolutely addicting! Great acting and epic storytelling. RENEW it USA!

  • OljaK - 9 years ago

    Please renew Fairly Legal! It is an amazing show!

  • Karen H in NC - 9 years ago

    Please, please, please...keep Common Law. That is such a good program and it's sad to think it doesn't garner enough in ratings to stay on the air. Fairly Legal is another of my favorites with still lots of potential stories to be told. While I like Necessary Roughness, I won't cry if it's gone...same for Political Animals. It's good, but not tops IMHO.

  • Gail from Idaho Falls - 9 years ago

    Fairly Legal and Common Law are my primary reasons for watching USA. Great story lines, good adult entertainment, humorous but not offensive. I looked forward to watching each week and still have the last two episodes of FL on DVR. Unfortunately for USA, Political Animals can't hold a candle to Newsroom. Obviously it is a good cast, but they seemed little interested in the product and the story line is a little thin...sex, drugs and politics. Rerun of wornout theme. Very disappointed. I thought Necessary Roughness started out pretty well and I haven't missed an episode, but that story line is getting tired. I would sacrifice NR in order to keep FL and CL ... Preferably dump Political Animals and keep NR, FL and CL

  • Michelle - 9 years ago

    Fairly Legal and NCIS used to be the only reasons I watched USA Network! Fairly Legal is such a good show, and I strongly dislike Political Animals. I hope that Fairly Legal and Common Law come back. Not so sold on Necessary Roughness, or Political Animals.

  • deb - 9 years ago

    LOVE Political Animals, Fairly Legal ansd Common Law. Hate to see USA lose anyof them. I look forward to their programming more than any other network. Please reconsider. All thoughtful shows exposing flaws and problems and offering solutions. And who doesn't love Sara Shahi. (even if I didn't spell it right)

  • Jodi - 9 years ago

    I find it so disappointing that you just really get into a show and they pull the plug on it. "Necessary Roughness" and "Common Law" are two of the best shows on TV IMO. It would be a shame to lose either of them since most of the other stuff on right now is garbage!

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