Do you think the Obamas should pull their kids out of the school?


  • LaVerne - 11 years ago

    Our children go to school every day where there have been drug and alcohol problems and some of them actually go on to become law abiding educated tax paying citizens with little or no interaction with drugs and or alcohol. These children will not know how to survive in the real world if they are shielded from everything as they are growing up we as parents just have to be diligent in stressing the dangers of getting involved in these things!

  • rose - 11 years ago

    To me it's all on how you raise your children and how much of it has gottan through to your children some will stay on the path and some will stray from it that's why I would leave them there because it does'nt matter where they go to school.

  • King Withers - 11 years ago

    Welcome to the real world. I have a daughter who began college this fall and her roommate[not her, I hope] are drinking like nobodies business. I told her to not forget her home training and focus on her studies. Whether in school or in life, situations will arise and she has to decide the right road to take. I have three sons, two high schoolers and a middle schooler. I know its around them[drinking/drugs], but I keep talking about the dangers of using and staying focus to get ahead. I would love to say I have so much control that I could prevent these situations from happening, but I bes only human. I give my kids strong moral directions and pray. I live a life without the chaos of drinking/drugs. My oldest son had to try it out, landed in jail with exorbitant financial fines. He understands now what I was saying all along. There are consequences for all of his actions, good and bad. Good luck to the Obamas. They will certainly need it.

  • Karen Duncombe - 11 years ago

    They are keeping it real!!! Other parents have to help their children 'navigate through' like circumstances. It may help to focus on "WHY" , and other inquiries and problem solving actions aimed at changing that social activity at Siddwell and schools across America! Why is 'this' a scandal's happening ALl OVER!! My support to the Obama's -

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