Does Deja Tunstill Look Naked To You?


  • melanie - 11 years ago

    To say the lil girl have a pussy is perverted! I'm sure that's the first thing you where to look at! She is a child and have on proper attire,longer shirt maybe so the peddlefilers wouldn't turn it into pervertness like they have,and yes it racaial motivated what if it was a lil pink pale child with earth tone colors on? Grow up black baby pussy watchers!!!

  • none of yours - 11 years ago

    Yall some ignorant ass ppl, by the way they are not tights they are capri pants , the child looks no near * pussy 4 sale * maybe you raising your grandchildren wrong rude ass

  • MR - 11 years ago

    Benjamin ur a butthole and that person with the name jungle bunnies ur a ?!$@"!?$€£>_~?

  • MR - 11 years ago

    Benjamin ur a butthole and that person with the name jungle bunnies ur a ?!$@"!?$€£>_~?

  • jungle bunnies - 11 years ago

    If that little girl wasn't embarrassed enough with what her mom sent her to school in, now her cry baby brown tight ass wearing daughter is all over the internet. Hahaha

  • Sheen - 11 years ago

    There is nuthn wrong with her attire they dnt even look like tights..They are actually a bit loose..shee is dressed like an average middle class child..You have no right to question anyones parenting..Walmart sells it in the girls section..It has nuthn to do with who or how thuis child will be..And u as an elder show that..judging a book by its cover..true ignorance..but we are entititled to our own opinions

  • Benjamin - 11 years ago

    Her mother didn't show it all! The girl's tights fit her body to a tee! Why does a parent let a daughter dress like "Pussy-4-sale? Is it admirable for an under aged CHILD TO DRESS LIKE A SEX KITTEN GITTIN OUT DA DOOR EVERYDAY ON HER WAY TO SCHOOL???? I am raising my Grandchildren and there's no F'n way I would let my oldest Granddaughter get out the door looking like A HOOKER WITH PUSSY-4-SALE!!!! She has to concentrate on school,church and other activities,not attracting boy's!!! The parent screams racism,...I say shes spitting in the wind,because if that Teachers Aide told her anything,...she told her the truth!!! BOO-HOO-HOO! And by the way I am as black as anyone on here thinks they are,and that girl is not at fault for her Mothers Lack,or care of Parenting Skill's!

  • Nicky - 11 years ago

    What idiots said yes to this???!!!

  • LA SANDRA - 11 years ago


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