If you were Timothy See And Krysta Howell's Parents, would you forgive Takunda Mavima?


  • wesley williams - 10 years ago

    Love of God in the hearts of those families who lost their loved ones gave
    lighter sentencing and forgiveness to this young man. Let us all learn a
    big lesson from this - forgiveness and love heals all wounds! Mavina and
    those white kids were friends at heart, I love that!
    May God bless their gentle souls and give healing and comfort to their

  • donna - 10 years ago

    I know some people wont like my comment but the two young people that loss their lifes knew very well that he was drinking it was their choice to get in a car with someone that has been drinking dont get me wrong my heart aches for the families pain but im sure their passenger was drinking too but im glad for the parents choice it was a good choice

  • Lucille - 10 years ago

    I think that was a good decision the judge made for Mavima, the parents of the two deceased kids are obviously TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD. Yes it was a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE TRAGEDY. I pray to GOD that Mavima has learned a sad but good lesson from this TRAGEDY.

    To the parents of the deceased kids, my heart goes out to you & I say to you as a parent that buried a child GOD BLESS YOU ALL & MAY YOUR CHILDREN REST IN PARADISE.

  • Angel - 10 years ago

    I would forgive him because I know what it means to be forgiven myself no matter what the circumstance forgiveness coming from someone you may have hurt is a huge thing

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