Do you miss Tupac?

Posted 6 years.


  • C - 4 years ago

    2Pac Forever! #GOAT

  • Jimmy - 4 years ago

    2pac was and always will be the greatest rapper of all time. He spoke about real stuff something these rappers now days don't do. He might have been a gangster, but he rap about the struggle, how to treat women, and he was brave enough to rap about the government to they face. I look up to 2pac he was real he didn't act like someone he wasn't wish I could still hear his music now how he would be #1 over every single rapper you can think of. #2pac you are the best of all time and still is.#THUG LIFE

  • kaddy - 4 years ago

    yo homie!!! your're da real nigga man!
    we miss you.

  • chris - 5 years ago

    Pac was outspoken but real stuff realist rapper ever point period

  • thabiso - 5 years ago

    Tupac is coming back soon expect him like you expect jesus christ is coming back

  • codyloren hodder - 5 years ago

    wheni was 9 , my big brother listened to him every single day!!! noone can rap like him errbody should know that ?! i reckon hes the best hustler goinnnggg....

  • machethe thabiso eathen - 5 years ago

    I don't even know why we talking about tupac becaurse we all know that he is the king of hip hop. I think the is something that we all don't notice, where does P Daddy get all his money becaurse he can't sing, we all remember that Daddy had beef with tupac, an I believe that Daddy and his crew had sold shakur"s soul. Even tupac"s mom she's involve, why would she turn off the life support machine at the hospital. I have my suspect, an the are as follows "P Daddy,Biggie and the LA government, trUst. Me on that!!!

  • jaila miller - 5 years ago

    Tupac wasn't just some ordinary gangbanger. He told the world about what he experienced in a way that got him out of the hood. He chose to bring light to some things going on. In the end he may have had some beef and issues with notorious big, but he still made a difference. No one can say he wasn't a good person cause of his mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Plus, he is and will always be loved and remembered through his fans. his music has less talk about sex and weed than any other rapper today.

  • Donna Toren - 6 years ago

    Let's face it, he was no better than any of the other gang bangers that were out there. I don't care how talented he was. He made his fame and fortune off of being a 'gangster', and it cost him his life. And, personally, I don't care. Enough of musicians providing bad examples to kids in becoming successful and still behaving in such shady and rotten ways. I would grieve this guy, nor any of the others mentioned in this article. Nor would I grieve all of these other stars / musicians that die of overdoses.... It just tells children that it's ok to behave irresponsibly, and even when you do, you'll still be praised just because you could sing, or act. Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, and now the Glee guy.... Please.... How about we focus on musicians / stars that aren't addicts or gangsters....

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