Do you think President Obama is a legal U.S. citizen?

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  • Amy - 8 years ago

    Obama needs to be voted out of office. He has done so much damage to this country that it is getting to a point where we will not be able to repair it and where does that leave us? A socialist country where our every move will be tracked and our HARD EARNED money will be gone. I go to work every day to create a good life for my family, for what? A president who wants to take my money to pay for his travel and family vacations, his wife's personal assistants? I do not agree with the way he has treated America and will not stand for it. I for one will be voting against him. Mitt may not be the ideal candidate, but he is better than Obama.

  • Edward S. - 8 years ago

    After reading all the NEGATIVE articles tha the Republicans have introduced onto the Internet and Newspaper, I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans of today are the "Nazi's of the 30's and 40's. Did you alsosee that Romney needed 10 Yrs of Tax returns from the Individuals He ws thinking about as a running mate.(Vetted) So i say Sig Heil Mitt.

  • steve smith - 8 years ago

    President Obama is a total failure.... You can't reward failure by voting for him again!!!
    Wake the ---- up!!! He's ruining a great country. And by the way 9.1 tril to 16+tril in four short years, not good.

  • Anonous - 8 years ago

    Obama clearly has a socialist agenda and continues to prove so with his unconstitutional Obamacare. Have you read the bill he so graciously bypassed congress to pass? Get ready for the required RIFD chip, everyone. If you support Obama I hope you know you are supporting communism.

  • George - 8 years ago

    Wow, is History no longer a required class? last time I checked Hawaii was a State, meaning people born here are U.S. Citizens. But then again if you're from the mainland, I guess you might not know that...

  • Jim - 8 years ago

    What an absolutely stupid question. There are some truly ignorant people out there, and apparently, some of them create polls for Fox4 news.

  • dave - 8 years ago

    i do not care if he is on the ballot or not. he is not getting my vote. i am a democrate, but will vote republican this time, because this guy is a big of a joke as jimmy carter was.

  • Scottfree - 8 years ago

    The poorly worded question on this poll leads to a biased result. I have to answer "No" to "Do I think Obama is a citizen of the US?" because it's a fact. There's no thinking about it. The man has a Passport, SS card, birth certificate, and has responded in the affirmative to every call for documentation, no matter how ridiculous.

    My weird paperwork question is how an IRA account, with a maximum annual contribution of about (on average, because it changes periodically) $11,000 can physically grow to $1o0,000,000 in a man's lifetime. even putting it all on Apple in 1998 could not do this.

  • lynda wilson - 8 years ago

    There isn't much I can say except...Has the lawmakers in Kansas gone daft? You make me sick and I will definitely go around your state rather than pass through it, when traveling. You will never get any of my hard earned money.

  • Mr. Davidson - 8 years ago

    It is obvious there has been a very expensive cover up by high powered attorneys and a few copies have been offered none allowed to be examined by independent experts. Even though I voted for Obama and would again despite a forged certificate as most Obama voters would. They do not care in the least if he was born in the jungle of Kenya and eats bush meat.The truth is much more simple that most likely his mother knowing the consequences quickly flew to the states and secreted the child into the hospital system which was a common practice and still is commonplace.There are few American citizens who cannot quickly produce a birth certificate without spending a few million for a team of powerful attorneys,it's only common sense the certificate has been manufactured,not that this will ever change anything.

  • godschild - 8 years ago

    When will this all end? The republican party will stop at nothing to get Obama out of the office. Only the RICH are backing this accusation, and this just proves this is not about our countrys best interest but more of an racist action. God will prevail for us middle class familys and see us through this mess. I am a hard working single mother of 3 beautiful children. Obama can count on my vote AGAIN this election.

  • Linda Patrick - 8 years ago

    This is to AV: I only wish I could say it as well as you did. Thank you. It would be extremely gratifying to have a mass write in for Pres. Obama. The Republicans have no shame in winning by any discusting and disgraceful way they can think of as long as they win. What kind of leadership could Romney command if he wins in this disgrasful mannor? We know that they have no empathy for anyone less fortunate than themselves and no idea who makes up the middle class. Their morality (in my opinion) is in question and yet they would mandate that we live according to their version of morallity. They make me ill. I worked for many candidates both local and national and I have never witnessed this kind of slime.

  • Alan - 8 years ago

    Concerned NATURAL Citizen and any of you other fools are just the kind of sheep being lead to the slaughter the the RICH Republicans need to keep in power so they can continue to ripe you off and not pay their fair share of taxes or pay a livable wage to those that deserve it.
    Maybe you need to start thinking for your self if your capable fo it. Read these facts and remember during the past 50+ years Republicans where running the show during as our economys worst times.

  • Concerned NATURAL Citizen - 8 years ago

    You all need to open your eyes a NATURAL citizen ( which Obama is not, by his own admittance) is NOT the same as a NATURALIZED ( by his own admittance IS) these are facts. Quit trying to turn it into racist crap, it has nothing to do with skin color it's constitutional facts and laws that are getting twisted in order to benefit the nazi government,which supposedly work for you and I in order to get their way in trying to micro manage us for their own personal gain. This is not a theory it's facts OPEN YOUR EYES HE IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!

  • AV - 8 years ago

    It's simple; Republicans know that the only possible way that Mittens Romney can win is by cheating. So they're doing everything they possibly can to try and make that happen, from ridiculous voter suppression laws in key states to actually trying to take President Obama's name off the ballot.

    I believe it was Mitch McConnell who said two years ago that the main objective of the Republican party was making sure that President Obama was a one-term president. So far, that seems to be all they're doing, other than trying to take the right to self-govern their own bodies away from women. (They're certainly not interested in passing any bi-partisan jobs bills!)

    Republican policies created the mess this country is in. President Obama has done the best possible job he can to clean it up, but it's certainly not easy for him with a Republican controlled house stonewalling him at every turn. A return to Republican policies that made the mess will surely be the downfall of America. (Not to mention, Romney's misinformed, ignorant foreign affairs statements will surely spark some kind of war or actions against America that will end up getting a lot of Americans killed.)

    I will never, ever vote Republican (and I'm 32 years old, so I have a lot of voting years left!). If President Obama's name is taken off the ballot here in Kansas, I will for damn sure write it in.

  • JOSEPH LA MORA - 8 years ago


  • b - 8 years ago

    How foolish will Kansas look when the Republicans take the SITTING US PRESIDENT off the ballot? VERY FOOLISH.

    He is the US President. This issue is done, settled, over, dead, etc. Heck, it is as if they are fighting the civil war all over again. Oh wait. In their mind they probably are.

  • Katie Candelario-Bly - 8 years ago

    Many Republicans are racist. Since President Obama has taken office, many of you have not treated him as a President. The President is a very smart and intelligent man. The haters can not get over it. If you are true christian let God take care of it. God will not let the middle class go backward. So you figure out who will win the election!

  • KCB - 8 years ago

    How racist can you be or how insecure are that your candidate will win the elections. President Obama has done everything to satisfy your idiotic ideas and yet you want to remove his name from an election ballot. This only makes me dislike the Republican party even more. I have heard that during the President start of his term that you people said that you would do anything to make sure he is a one term President. From this action and if you do this, you are doing just that. I know that there are some good Republicans but with your actions on this and the state of our country, I would never vote for any Republican ever again. In our history (especially the ones that we are taught in history class, in which a lot of information is withheld), no other President (good or bad or from any party) has had to defend himself like he has. Also, you need to stop treating The President as if he is a dictator. We have 3 branches of the government that can vote in or vote out a law. I am an American citizen and I love the United States. What you are doing is not American in my opinion.

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