Should I introduce my 7-year-old to 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'?

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  • MsBean - 7 years ago

    Come on man, it is, and always has been, about a parents willingness to gauge their own child's maturity, and not age. Not to mention if you are actually teaching the child along the way that it isn't real, there should be no issue. If you have exposed your child to episodes IV-VI (I-III do not exist in my world, as Lucas effed up my fave movies, and dumped more crap on top) then I see no real issue in exposing him to one of my top 10 trilogies of all time. More important than all of that is, if YOU make a big deal out of it, so will he. PG is just that, PG. It is YOUR job to guide him through the beginnings of his cinematic adventures, and trust that you have gauge his maturity proper. And as for all the comic book movies, they are not mindless and useless garbage. How did you, or I, learn about good vs evil. How did we learn that by working together anything bad can be defeated. What superhero movie doesn't have these types of messages. As a woman in my late 30s, who saw Star Wars at 5, Raiders at 8, and clash of the titans at 8 - ALL with my mother, I am pretty saddened that as a 30+ adult you 1) find this an appropriate forum to garner opinions on how to raise your own child 2) think that good vs evil stories of any kind could be useless garbage 3) have allowed modern day society to taint your life with their beliefs that exposing your child to the likes of super hero movies and bugs bunny cartoons will somehow ruin your child 4) that you would agree the princess bride is too awful for a child to see, its a family movie, PG granted, but IT'S THE PRINCESS BRIDE for god's sake. Of course on the last one, I will give it up to you for keeping the peace in the family, that still blows my mind though.
    Just sayin'...

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