Do you think Romney's comments will hurt him in the election?

  • Nicole - 9 years ago

    Ali Smith - Cut the crap. Lol. If you were actually a PROUD black woman with two degrees, you would know how to use correct grammar. Lol. Mitt just said how he truly feels. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. If you don't like it, don't vote for him.

  • William T - 9 years ago

    Obama is a gay ass long legged mac daddy who lies and is on the down low and most likely aint even a citizen someone be pulling his strings he is rich and a liar and has Satan in his soul. Rmoney aint no better...I aint voting but i sure as hell aint votin for that gay ass skinny ass mack daddy obama.,

  • Ali Smith - 9 years ago

    He is kind of right though, in my church there are people who think Obama is still going to send them a check to pay rent or buy they babies some clothes. They don't read or watch the news and they dont really know anything about whats going on but they going to vote Obama. No matter the unemployment rate is 17% for us, or that we are still low on thre education priority. They don't care what is going on inthe world scene and know nothing about the Middle East and how they hate the USA. All some people vote for is based on our color, and that is never right for an educated person. I voted for Obama and am dissapointed that he is all talk. I am a PROUD black woman with two degrees and four children, i want better for them, I want them to know how to hold they head up and be equal to others based on they accomplishments.

  • elias bo - 9 years ago

    I have your solution, lets cut the crap government! The rich don't want higher taxes? Alright here we go lets raise the minimum wage across the board. Lets re-evaluate the importance of the regular worker who do the jobs most won't do... Lets give the "minimum income" percent of people a fighting chance to educate, lift themselves, create opportunities to generate their own wealth. Let it be known that operating a business in a country who's government you pay tax to, you also owe a responsibility to, that no longer will you squeeze labor for a cheap price. Make it regulation that said companies that outsource to other countries for their labor are against government policy, environmental policy (as you know, manufacturing over seas means transport of goods and all the other environmental concerns that come with it- inclusive: higher oil prices= funding of radical religious sects) that being said such regulations should have strict mandatory penalties... my view on this being the solution is that it is impartial and those whom would profit YES the regular working class would be bound to the same regulations as a perhaps new business owner etc. Its time to cut the crap, we are all in this together and we a result our every actions connected as one planetary entity, lets act like it and represent our species as we should be " intellectually sentient above all other species on earth and the inheritors of its terrestrial wonder"

  • Rasheen - 9 years ago

    Well " FUCK YOU TOO " Mitt Romney !! You Said IT FIRST BUDDY :)

  • Nicole Harris - 9 years ago

    It wont matter because those offended by the comments wouldn't have voted for him in the first place

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