For Our Jewish Readers Only -Do you freak out when you see Christmas Trees lit up on town squares?


  • Lauren Mercadante - 10 years ago

    The commercialization of Christmas is whats annoying, it starts at Halloween! The lights dont threaten or bother me. Let people do what they want, as long as they arent telling ME what i should do! I hope the PC police leave this one alone or there will be no holidays ever.

  • Ruth Mordecai - 10 years ago

    Joey, First of all I want to thank you for asking the question because most people assume that Christmas is celebrated by everyone. So that's a great beginning that there are some of us out here who do not celebrate Christmas. That said I also am not interested in having a menorah next to the tree and certainly no religious symbolism at government buildings. The separation of church and state is crucial. Somehow the lights around towns are all part of keeping the light in the midst of the dark winter and do not have any special religious significance to me. I do become resentful of having Christmas music everywhere and for so long. So thanks again for asking.

  • RMM - 10 years ago

    I love Christmas trees, they are cheery and festive! I especially love the lobster buoy tree. But that being said its September and I'm not ready to think about winter. I can't even think about Halloween yet!! Let's wait til after thanksgiving for Christmas music and trees

  • lise breen - 10 years ago

    I feel strongly that we should keep any overt religious symbol such as the ten commandments, creches and menorahs out of government buildings and public spaces. But, in contradiction, we do like to watch the Rockport pageant on Main St. with its donkey and girls wrapped in sheets and boys with fake beards and squawky loudspeaker recitation of the nativity event.

    I so enjoy the trees and the colored lights. Despite their name, they don't signify Christianity to me. The lobster trap tree is fun especially since children decorate the buoys.

    I would prefer not to be bombarded with recorded religious music in commercial establishments. I enjoy religious music of many denominations in their appropriate sacred spaces or in my own home. Silent Night is gorgeous and best heard sung by local carolers on the street corners during a chilly, snowy Ladies Night.

    We are lapsed members of the Give Me More denomination with worship of its Santa Claus deity and elve disciples in store sanctuaries. It seems to be a rite of passage for those with children that is not easily avoided. We have had great times reading the Night Before Christmas and leaving carrots for the reindeer before a piney tree with colored lights with hokey music and giving holiday hugs and eating Christmas cookies.
    It's complicated.

  • Natalie Simon - 10 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Weinstein. Amen!

  • Ellen Bevins - 10 years ago

    I find the Christmas/holiday season with all the lights on the trees very uplifting. It does not offend me. I love that the lights are left on throughout the year.

  • Mark Godfried - 10 years ago

    A jew for 77 years, who has always seen Xmas as a wonderful expression of faith for Christians and acknowledges that historical Jesus existed and bettered mankind. For any of us to do otherwise is disengenuous! Would you not heed Martin Luther Kings words because you are not afro-american! Creches, menorahs, trees, and what-have-you are all welcome! And Joey, you're right! Let the music start after Thanksgiving!

  • EPK - 10 years ago

    It doesn't bother me as long as you don't bother me about my religion. Live and let live.

  • Jenny Bernstein Rangan - 10 years ago

    I love Christmas trees, I love Christmas lights, I love giving and receiving Christmas presents. I have a tree and a menorah. Any opportunity to celebrate. The tradition is older than the religion it is associated with and I see it as part of an impulse in the dark of winter to create warmth and joy, connection and sacredness with light.

  • Miriam Weinstein - 10 years ago

    The Supreme Court has been inconsistent about the constitutionality of this, but as a member of a minority, it always feels hurtful and offensive. Saying that a tree is not a religious symbol is disingenuous. And no, I don't want a menorah displayed next to the creche.
    The best protection is a separation of church and state.

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