Have you ever heard about anything like this (hope not)?

  • Davy - 7 years ago

    Sad. Even if she knew the stress of knowing was enough to stress her out. We don't know her full story of why she stayed and frankly not our business to. Can o my pray for her.

  • daddy d - 8 years ago

    This isn't the first time Ive heard of something like this. When it comes to sex people will do
    almost anything.

  • Sherri - 9 years ago

    I don't understand why the grandmother or other family members wouldn't know the father an let her know your mom slept with that man before...crazy azz story-

  • Pat - 9 years ago

    What a shame and a disgrace! I remember the time we had a mother dog that had puppies from her her male son. When the dog realized what had happened, she (the mother dog) killed all the puppies and whinned day and night and died shortly. People need to realize that these are human (babies) and they need to know their parents. When the world get loose and do not care about the babies they are having from every Tom, Dick and Harry; with Fanny Sue, Bessie Mae and Billy Jean then children are really in for horrible awakenings. Men need to start caring about where they leave their DNA (offsprings). These are humans and deserves to be love, protected, and cared for.

  • ann - 9 years ago

    you where im from in louisiana we really didnt talk about these things, parents raise ur kids like there own, so ppl wont no, grandpa slept with kids , so on so , its just not talk about, secrets or very strong down where im from.

  • Ro - 9 years ago

    Back then stuff like this happen all the time. My great aunt was adopted and she had 2 kids by her brother and didn't know it until years later. It didn't all come out til my great uncle died cause she cheated on him with her brother.

  • Georgia - 9 years ago

    This is why children need to know who their parents are.If they don't have that love and understanding of a parent they're be looking for that love in an older person and I can see how something like this can happen.

  • Dawn - 9 years ago

    This sound like some lifetime iish!! There are way too many unanswered questions!

  • pat - 9 years ago

    I believe she knew. She lived with and bore children for this man and claims she didn't have an inkling of an idea this man may be her dad? She knew, trust me. Something drove her to tell the truth and expose the relationship such as it was. Perhaps it was the shame of it all. I don't claim to understand her motives, but she knew.

  • carl t - 9 years ago

    This is a prime example of family secrets gone too far. More than the uncle knew and didn't tell. From the account of the story, all she had was a bunch of people raising her, not a family. She should get all these people out of be life. She was lied to from a child. Men, stop running from woman to woman making babies. Ladies, stop dropping your panties for trash. Of he has miss by other women and not taking care of them, he won't take care of yours either. if we don't stop our stupid ways, this is not the last time we'll hear this story.

  • Shuree G. - 9 years ago

    Damn! I think that I need a therapist after just reading about this...God Bless her and judge not

  • Renee - 9 years ago

    I had never hear of this in this day and time this why when we have children outside of any relationships and children are born don't be hateful tell the child what is going on because those that kept that secret has probably has pass on Step up and talk about so relatives don't marry and not know the history with that peaceful life God Bless the women that search for her own peace

  • Kim - 9 years ago

    I know a brother and sister!

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