Should Officer David Lacey Be Fired For His Remarks Towards Jones?
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  • David Hutchinson - 9 years ago

    The policeman was within his rights t0 be concerned for his safety and well being. You'd have been mad as hell if you were sharing a drink with someone fine and found out that the person you were drinking with and possibly ready to kiss was HIV positive. Folks with HIV need to identify themselves. In this day and age folks rarely get HIV accidently. You should be liable if you don't disclose you have HIV. When you are working with the public you have to be careful. Even a simple job like security guard you might have to come in contact with someone who has HIV physically. Everyday we are exposed in unknown ways. The folks who could be serving your food could be HIV positive. I don't remember any HIV disclosure on employment applications. An officer could have HIV from a perp bite. The officer was not ignorant he was being careful. It's only ignorant because the person was Black. When police and race come in contact when the officers on the up and up doing his job it becomes ignorant when it comes to Black folks. He was doing his job.

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