Is voting for Black Americans a right, privilege or responsibility?

  • T - 10 years ago

    While as of now it's a privillage for African american's to vote thanks to president Bush before he left the office he sign another 25 years for black American's to have the right to vote 15 admendment read it for yourself. go would be shock! Which is why I say it's a privillage for blacks to vote and not a right. Which make me sit back and think about how many peopl has been turned away over the years that's so many blacks has refuse to go out in vote years. Things need to change here in the America. Now I believe that voting is a responsibility but it should be a right for all citizens of America to vote no matter what race & gender you are.

  • L.B.J. - 10 years ago

    Voting is a responsibility for everyone, not just African Americans. This is the only way to have some say in the democratic process. I don't think Rep. Cleaver was saying that African Americans should vote any particular way but they should at least vote. I'm just saying.

  • D. T. HARRIS - 10 years ago

    who thought of this BRILLIANT (actually dumb) question

  • Diane - 10 years ago

    Who ever said privilege ...who decided to even put this option in a guys are funny......slow morning huh?

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