Are You In Favor Of 440 Foot Tall Windmills At Varian

  • Deanna Giardullo - 9 years ago

    I am not in favor of these.. I believe the situation in Falmouth alone should be a cause of concern for beautiful Gloucester. Please leave for open fields not near children, families and our beautiful ocean view.

  • Jan G. - 9 years ago

    Previously in favor of wind farms, I recently experienced a large installation on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The sound, reflection/shadow factor, revolving knife points were awful. It is nothing one can readily adapt to since these factors keep shifting, and as a result, many houses within a mile of the site had for sale signs on them.

  • Anthony Marolda - 9 years ago

    These wind turbines were manufactured in Germany so jobs were created for Germans, not US citizens. The only reason they are "economic" is because of the large, Obama administration tax subsidies which are paid for by borrowing more money from the Chinese. The turbines will be a blight on the viewscape for the rest of our lives. They will kill many birds, year after year. They will cause health problems for nearby residents and workers which will not go away and for which there is no cure. They will be a hazard for airplanes. They will not replace any fossil fuel plant because the need for electricity is constant but the wind is not.
    Other than these reasons, I think they are a great idea.

  • Gerry - 9 years ago

    I'm not in favor of this... I not only live less than 1 mile from Varian but I also work in the same park. Not giving the Gloucester residents a vote/say on this is not fair... as a tax payer for many years here in Gloucester we should have been allowed to have a say on this. In reading the article this morning about a health issue... Mayor Kirk should stop this.

  • Jeff French - 9 years ago

    They put these up in Falmouth, and the noise caused so many problems for the nearest neighbors that they were shut down after lengthy lawsuits and now must be 're-located' at great expense. They belong on the open prairie, you can see fields of them when you fly over the barrens of Wyoming and Nevada. They do not belong in an area so close to houses and other businesses.

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