What's your preferred time to attend ZUMBA class?

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  • Rebecca Elefante - 10 years ago

    My favorite (and only times I can attend - which don't exist anymore) were 7:00pm - so I can be home in time for my kid's bedtime, and 8:30pm or later classes so I can leave home after bedtime. I know you can't change the times just because of me - I can probably attend the odd morning class (although I hate exercising in the morning), but I need to exercise at least twice a week regularly to make any impact on my body and I can't do that with your new schedule and I am soooooo sad about it - not to mention the money I didn't have but spent on my pass. I'm really surprised there aren't many moms on the same time frame as me :(
    In the meantime, I will wait and hope for future schedule changes since your passes don't expire! Keep up the great work! - you are a fantastic instructor and your positive, infectious attitude is very inspiring to all women! Zumba hugs to you, Becca Elefante

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