Should the NFL change the outcome of last night's game?

  • Fly on shiot - 9 years ago

    The only thing missing from football from yester year and today is the dress! All the rule changes compounded every year have turned the game into a "girly" game. I am so sick and tired of hearing overpaid players whine about the game they claim to love so well. I am tired of having to watch overpaid players celebrate after doing their job and I am tired of seeing "bad calls" by the refs that "Instant Replay" should be able to "overturn" reguardless if called or not called during the actual play of game.
    I used to watch football regularly, I stopped watching it regularly several years ago and I do not miss it. I just had to comment on it as I happened to see it on the news.

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    You can't start changing game results afterwards, people would be expecting it all the time. For those of you who saw a simultaneous catch, get an eye exam. I'm a Packer fan, but I also realize there were many, many bad calls throughout the game and I can't say we would have certainly won if it was officiated properly. I'd at least like Pete Carroll to man up and admit the last play was a total gift, but that's probably expecting too much....."tie goes to the runner, good call".....what a douche

  • ed thomas - 9 years ago

    I am done watching until the NFL gets its act together. I am also talking to local GM dealers and their HQ. The advertisers should all pill out.

  • chris corbray - 9 years ago

    Regardless, at the end of the evening, Seahawks got a "W" in their belt. The Greenbay guy was the firft to contact the ball while it WAS in the air. While coming down, Tate did get some of the ball as well. That sounds to me like they both had a piece of it, therefore it goes to the offense. Just because fans and ESPN were routing for the Packers, doesn't mean the win is any less than a win.

    Also, haven't the Seahawks been screwed since they joined the league.

    I remember when the played the Jets when Vinny Testiverde played, he was down on the 3 yard line, then crawled to the endzone in front of the side judge.....touch-down Jets. Remember if you will or won't, that play brought in instant replay into the game, as it left Seattle out of the play-offs.

    Superbowl 40. Screwded, screwed, screwed. Seahawks won that game....really. Where was the national where; heck, it's only Seattle. They didn't think of taking back the rings of the Steelers for the refs multiple mishaps. Why should they over turn this. Oh yea, it's only Seattle.

    That's my discount double-take.

  • mykeeb33 - 9 years ago

    Packers will get another shot at Seattle in the playoffs. Too bad it will be in Seattle instead of Green Bay...... btw. There's pass interference on every hail mary play and it's never ever called.

  • Kansas 525 - 9 years ago

    Everybody is talking about the final call. What, I guess, most of you have forgotten, was when Green Bay was driving for their only touchdown, Seattle was called for pass interference on 3rd and long, when it should have been obvious that it was a good play to knock down the pass. Meaning, Green Bay should have punted, not scored the touchdown, and the final play would have never happened. Seattle would have been running out the clock instead of trying for a touchdown. Green Bay deserved to lose and they did. Sounds good to me. And, before anyone calls me a "homer", I don't even like pro sports, just happened to be watching for a while waiting for something good to come on. PS, I have played and officiated football, just don't care much for the millionaire babies that, for the most part, are a bunch of egotistical jerks.

  • bill - 9 years ago

    Avid sports fan, dedicated packers fan ... in that order. Don't want a win if we don't deserve it. proud of what seems to be 90% plus Seahawks fans who seem to think similarly. Wish it was 100%, but recognize that if the situation was reversed, the numbers would probably be about the same. Hearing way to much of this "stop yer bellyaching, we've all been screwed". If ya have been I'm sorry for ya. I guess I just feel that the normal mistakes that are made during the course of the game are somthing that you can complain about around the coffee pot the next day and speculate that "maybe" you could have won if some of the calls had been better. I'll write those mistakes off all day long and rationalize that both sides had some bad calls and there's no way to know what would have happened. I guess I just draw the line at if it's the final play of the game and it's wrong and you know it's wrong. Fix it and make it right! I've seen good sportsmanship enough to know that's what the game is all about to me. If Pete Carroll came out publically and said he reviewed the tapes and honestly thought it was a bad call and Green Bay should have won instead of saying "his player did what needed to be done and he was proud of him", I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for him ... and the game. At the end of the day I don't even care who won the game, I just want to be able to say that's my game, I love it and respect it.

  • Kaleb - 9 years ago

    They were hired as officials. The league can't go back and look at tape and overturn calls like that! Bad calls happen in every sport, and they happen with regular refs as well as replacement refs. If the league doesn't want to accept their mistakes as a part of the season then the season should never have begun. The game is in the books. Sorry, Green Bay fans... I really feel for you - I do. But ask Armando Gallaraga of the Detroit Tigers if leagues can overturn bad calls.

  • John Parks - 9 years ago

    Why don't they do what MLB and the NBA do--hire (and pay for) full time refs? Even the "real" refs are doing this as a part time job. We've all seen games where even the fans 100 rows up can see a pass interference penalty, but the ref blows it. Then you switch to MLB and the play at the plate is so fast and so close, you don't see anything but a flash and cloud of dust--but super-slow instant replay shows the ump got it right...again. I don't blame the NFL for not wanting to pay 70K a year and giving a pension to someone who works 4 hours a week for 16 weeks, and still doesn't call the game at anywhere near the skill level of a baseball ump. Make it their job--they should earn their pay.

  • Jawahar - 9 years ago

    Packers clearly won the game. Offensive pass interference was noticed as Tate was clearly pushing one of the Packer's player. Besides Jennings caught the ball and came down with it. It will be a join possession, if both Tate and Jennings went up to get the ball. Only issue is NFL would perhaps consider point after as the reason why the results could not be reversed.

  • brian - 9 years ago

    When it's a west coast team that gets the favored call. All the world is upset. Anybody remember the Steelers / Seahawks Super Bowl? They told Seahawks fans to quit sniveling.
    Tissue anyone!

  • M Williams - 9 years ago

    I think the all the eams should walk off the field in protest of not having legitimate referees. Pay as much as they do for the players, why take the chance on hurting them if the game can't be called right???

  • Cheese Head - 9 years ago

    The official NFL statement reads:

    "“While the ball is in the air, Tate can be seen shoving Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields to the ground. This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game. It was not called and is not reviewable in instant replay."

    Therefore, the game was officially over BEFORE the pass was intercepted. The NFL could easily reverse the TD call and let the game end at Packers 12, Seattle 7.

    However, a class-action lawsuit against the NFL will provide a taste of revenge for not only Packer fans but football fans everywhere.

  • Cathy - 9 years ago

    If you go back to change the outcome, you would have to do it for many games in the past.

  • MC - 9 years ago

    Seattle fan and I am disgusted with Golden Tate strutting his stuff when he deserved to be called on his push off. He didn't have possession and he knows it. Green Bay intercepted and won the game. Bad officiating gave the game to Seattle. That isn't how I like to see us win games. I bet the rich owners all are Romney supporters. The rich get richer and they blame the rest of us. They hired these refs so the blame is on them.

  • Ron - 9 years ago

    Give the guys a break. They did the best they could. All the NEG. out there. Yes the call looked wrong from my chair, but if you want to come down on someone its the NFL and the owners that don't want to pay out a few bucks for the real refs. Has anybody out there taken a look at the size of that rule book.

  • carmen - 9 years ago

    it's not the ref's fault... they don't have the final say when it comes to scores!!!! people are missing the point. yes, it was a BAD call, but it's the officials in the booth who look at all the touch downs and they let it stand. it should have been overturned! so i want to know what the real reason was that the didn't overturn it. i know everyone wants the refs gone so the others can come back, but blaming them for this score is not right. bad call - yes. score - no...

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    The integrity of the NFL has been sorely tainted, to the level of "Pro Wrestling if not worse". The replacement refs are the weapon, but the NFL Commisioner is the main cause because he let this referee feasco dragon into the regular season. He's made one boneheaded descision after another, and I think it's time the owner's woke up and said enugh is enough and vote in a new commisioner and bring back the regular refs.

  • John - 9 years ago

    I'm a Seahawks fan and have no apologies. Yes, bad call but that happens all the time. The push before the catch was the best part.

    The hawks defense was amazing. The last play of the game wouldn't have been an issue if the refs hadn't called that ridiculous PI call that extended Greenbay's touchdown scoring drive. Let's focus on that call! Saying GB deserved to win is a stretch. Love it!

  • ken in nc - 9 years ago

    The NFL shouldn't change the outcome of the game but they should learn a lesson from their decision to go on with the games. They get what they pay for and the officials in that game, I'm sure made what they felt was the right call. Now I'm no fan ofeither team but either way you look at it, somebody is not going to be happy so let it go. Get the Regulars back to making the calls in the game.

  • Jim - 9 years ago

    Let's face it. The Packers aren't what we thought they were. Anemic offense galore.

  • EC - 9 years ago

    Whether you change the ref...what about the out come of the game? It seem from all the comments that Green Bay should be the winner...

  • PGB - 9 years ago

    Problem is, if you change that call, which arguably determined the game, you have to change 2-3 other blatently incorrect calls that also arguably determined the scoring up to that point. The insane calls took place throughout the game and changed its course repeatedly.

  • Bill - 9 years ago

    I am a Seattle fan....did I want Seattle to beat Green Bay.....YOU BET!!!! But not this way. On behalf of the Seattle that wants to win the right way, I appologize to Green Bay. You won the game last night...we didn't.

  • Randy - 9 years ago

    Please. granted these officials may not be as good as the league officials but they make just about as many bad calls as the replacements. How many times have we seen every Sunday a whole group of seasoned, experienced officials gather in their little huddle for minutes on minutes because they don't know what to call. This whole thing has nothing to do with replacement officials. They are all human and they all make mistakes. I have seen officials in the past make the wrong calls that cost a team the game. If the union officials want to work then suck it up and go back to work. If not, go get a regular job like most of us and then let me hear all your complaining. I say keep the replacement officials and break the overpaid union officials. Take a hike. You are not that valuable. Move on with life.

  • Ken S. - 9 years ago

    I am not a fan of either team. The Packers had no business winning this game. 8 sacks in the first half alone! Are you kidding me? The team that played the best won the game.

  • EricM - 9 years ago

    Here is how to solve two probblems at once; replace the 'replacement refs' wht locked-out NHL players.

  • NYGiantsBob - 9 years ago

    I'm not a cheese head or SeaHawk fan...I live in NJ...The proof is in the replay....Isn't that what instant replay is for? I can't believe the comments I'm must be blind!

  • upper10 - 9 years ago

    You want to get the problem solved, Boycott the NFL, and see how fast they fit it

  • Paul - 9 years ago

    Like the Union refs never make the wrong calls! Hell, what about the calls made against the Seahawks in Superbowl XL? This has nothing to do with the non-union refs. People make mistakes and we all live with them. Get over it! Air traffic did!

  • tomilvento - 9 years ago

    I think it was the wrong call, and a bad call, but changing the outcome of a game is a slippery slope. The officials are like other aspects of the game, such the weather, the condition of the field, injuries, and so forth. They impact both teams, so you play the game under the circumstances you find yourself in.

    However, the NFL should resolve this issue and soon. They have a responsibility to the players, the fans, the organizations, and the game itself. The refs are not a trivial aspect of what happens in the game.

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    So what? It's a game and bad calls have always been part of sports. Get over it.

    The replacements will get better and life will go on.

  • Charles Newton - 9 years ago

    Boycott the NFL games until professional referees comeback.

  • George - 9 years ago

    A blown game every now and then is a small price to pay if it will rid us of one more worthless union! It is not as though the original crews were a bunch of Einsteins; they blew their share of games as well ... Hello Ben Dreith! At least each of the replacements can be immediately fired & replaced for their incompetence! Each and every bankrupt municipality in existence today has their bloated municipal unions to thank for it!

  • brian - 9 years ago

    The problem with changing the entire came outcome by the one bad call in the end zone what about the other calls that also changed the outcome. I'm a Seahawks fan and agree that the last play of the game wasn't a touchdown by Seattle. The problem was there was so many bad calls that you have to pull them all back and start over not just pull the last play. any of the others could have caused a different outcome also. Owners and coaches need to force the NFL's hand and say "we aren't playing until this issue is resolved"

  • Ian - 9 years ago

    No, they should not change the result of the game. It should stay a loss for GB. It would open up every close game to "review" by the NFL if they set the precedent of overturning the result of last night’s game.

    However, this should be the event that causes the NFL to get to the bargaining table and settle the dispute with the locked out officials.

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    Where was the outrage after Super Bowl XL when the real refs admitted they screwed up and that it "affected the outcome of the game"? There wasn't any. There was no outrage then because the botched calls benefited one of the NFL's favored teams, the Steelers. So don't expect Seahawks fans to feel your pain.

  • craig mr1 - 9 years ago

    We all have seen many questionable calls over the years including some last night that had stopped the Hawks cold and gave GB points. To be clear, I am a Bears fan and I love the outcome of this game but that does not change the fact that all officiating is part of the game. Lets call the lockout the spice that flavors the game for players, coaches, and fans and, lets stop trying to make these games so managed that every little thing can be reviewed, overturned, or whatnot. If this GB loss gets overturned, I want every loss by the Bears over the last couple of years opened up and reviewed for bad calls that may have had an impact.

  • Mark - 9 years ago

    They should bring back the regular refs and wipe out the first three games as a whole and start the season and play a 13 game season. Too many teams have been hosed by these refs so to take away one win would be worse than staring the season over.

  • Susan - 9 years ago

    If they change the out of the Green Bay/Sea Hawk Game, Then they need to change the outcome of the Patriots/Ravens game from Sunday Night. That field goal was definetly no good and I can understand why Coach Belichek was upset.

  • Rog - 9 years ago

    If the NCAA can vacate 14 years of Penn State wins, the NFL can surely vacate one game.

  • 76coug - 9 years ago

    I'm from Seattle and I agree Packers fans have a right to be angry. However, I have a different perspective on bad calls and their relative importance in a season. I was angry that a "regular" referee said he mistakenly thought Vinnie Testaverde's helmet was the football when he signaled touchdown on the final play of a game with the Jets years ago. The replays clearly showed the ball a half yard short, but there was no instant replay then. That was the last regular game of the season and knocked Seattle out of the playoffs. Or in the Super Bowl against Pittsburgh when Matt Hasselbeck throw an interception and was called for a chop block when he attempted to tackle the player with the ball. The league actually defended that call! You should be angry, but imagine how angrier you could be if this was not the third game of the season but something more important. Let's bring back the regular refs before that happens.

  • Sharon - 9 years ago

    What are you talking about. The Seahawks were robbed of the Super Bowl win a few years back. And that was by the regular refs. It doesn't matter who the refs are.

    My newphew coached football when he was in college. When two players have possession of the ball it goes to the offense. Sorry you don't like the rules.

    Green Bay quit your whiny. You're not the only team to be on the receiving end of a bad call from a ref. Even in baseball the umps make the wrong call. That's just how the games is. Games are never overturned even after it's clear the call was a mistake. Seahawks should have won the Super Bowl; but they didn't. That's life!

  • nick in the air - 9 years ago

    Bad calls are bad calls, whether they happen in the middle of the game or at the end, whether by the regular officials or the replacements, and in every sport. At best the only thing that can be done is to minimize the frequency, but they are simply part of the game that can't always be anticipated. The current rules are what they are going back and changing every call is unworkable.

    And besides, if Green Bay didn't want that game decided like that, they should have scored more earlier or simply batted the ball down like they're supposed to.

  • J.K. Millard - 9 years ago

    If brain injuries don't kill pro football, poor officiating certainly will! Bring back the "pros" in pro football.

  • Jennifer Hallinan - 9 years ago

    You are an absolute fool if you refer to something that happened in a different season to cast any light on what was absolutely a bad call, a call that cost a game. Look at the call itself. It was bad. Watch the tape. Really, how much more can this be dumbed down without the use of crayons? The game needs to be reversed whether you like the offensive line, wide receivers, quarterback.... It was a BAD game determining call made by unqualified individuals. I'm exasperated reading some of these logic-free posts.

  • hawkfan - 9 years ago

    I agree, this all leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth. But going back and doing something un-precendented like changing the outcome of a game based on a ref's call the day after the game is over is not the answer. Like Sherry, this opens a can of worms that is just not right. Trust me, if this game along keeps the packers out of the playoffs or puts the Seahawks in, it will give everyone a punch to the gut. However, that game was dominated by two things and neither of them were the Green Bay Packers. That game was dominated by Seattle Defense and by horrible calls by the Refs!!!

    Get the real refs back in!

    I will say, the Green Bay Packers have handled this with a lot of class. Most players and coaches would have been Ballistic during the press conferences and in the locker rooms after the game. They handled this with class and character...Good Luck for the rest of the season PACK!!!

  • Mark - 9 years ago

    Boycott the NFL. Stay home this weekend. The owners will hopefully realize how unhappy everyone is with the officiating. An empty stadium will surely open their eyes, and wallets.

  • Chuck - 9 years ago

    I feel this shows just what comes first with big business. It always comes down to making the working people take less so those at the top can have more. People need to stop going to these games. The People need to go on strike until the Proper ref's are back on the job. I have only once spent my money to go to a football game. I played for something like 8 years. But for what these guys are being paid and In Detroit we have never had a winning team in my adult life. Not one. But I thought the game Detroit played Sunday was marred with Sh ty Ref's. I think the out come of these games have been changed because of it. So if you chance the out come of GB then you have to all others that were questionable as well.

  • Nate - 9 years ago

    No clue as to why some are claiming this to be a simultaneous reception. Deluded Seahawks fans? Gerry Austin, a veteran NFL official, walked everyone through the play on MNF. He said it was not a simultaneous reception and that it was clear that Jennings had sole possession. Paraphrasing, he said "all Tate had was an arm reaching in." He did clarify that the play couldn't be overturned once the call was made. Anyone who thinks this was a simultaneous reception is deluded.

  • mary g. - 9 years ago

    I'm from Washington State and even I know what a bad call that was. There was absolutely NO SIMULTANEOUS POSSESSION. I'm embarassed that our "home team" took such a cowardly win. Golden Tate's "I don't know what you're talking about" when asked about blatent back-shove of the Packer immediately preceding the interception was astounding, an out-and-out lie. This must be what Pete Carroll has brought to our state. He should at least have owned up to the bad officiating, but perhaps that is what we should expect from him. I'd rather lose with dignity than win as a cheater. Rescinding the win IS the right thing to do; the entire game was fraught with bad calls on both sides, but the end was a joke. As for Rodgers and the Packers, a lot of us out here apologize to you. GO PACKERS!

  • Gary - 9 years ago

    If there were no instant replay to review maybe leaving the call as is would be appropriate. But any fool could see that the Packers caught the ball, not the Seahawks. For the Seahawk player to even pretend to be the actual receiver is dishonest, unethical, and unsportsmanlike. Is lying/cheating as acceptable really the message we want to send to our kids? I am disappointed it has gotten this far unresolved.

  • Sherry - 9 years ago

    That's a tough one. That was perhaps the worst, most incomprehensible call in NFL history. (And for those of you pointing out the plethora of bad calls in the game, true enough -- but while they ran both ways, GB got the short end of the stick even before that final call.) I'm a Packer fan by birth, but changing the outcome would open a big can of worms with bigger repercussions than this game by far. So, the best way to make up for it might just be to end the lockout. Oh, and maybe Pete Carroll could develop a modicum of integrity.

  • Pablo - 9 years ago

    No Hawkfan, something is not quite right about the Seahawks "victory" and you know it.

    Pass interference, is by nature a judgement call. This was not. Jennings caught the ball. Tate just slid his arm in there and had no possession whatsoever.

    I always want the right call. But to say this game shouldn't be overturned because other bad calls isn't right. It doesn't give the victory to the proper team.

  • teejay - 9 years ago

    The ref made plenty of bad calls that were in the favor of both sides. So the playing field is equal for both teams. As a goal keeper in soccer, if I make a mistake then the ball goes into the net. But, remember it had to go through 10 other players just to get to me. I feel this way with the game too. Circumstances and outstanding defensive play on behalf of the Seahawks, put the game into that situation at the very end to begin with. IF the Packers wanted a win, they should have n0t let the 8 sacks keep them from scoring their usual 2-3 touchdowns in a game. Seahawks won and I made a $5 bet that the pro refs will be back on the field this weekend.

  • hawkfan - 9 years ago

    Ok @Pablo, sounds like you want the right call on the last play of the game, however, the rest of the game they can screw it up. Something just doesnt seem right about that...

  • Stan - 9 years ago

    Relax, it's just the 'exhibition' season. These games don't really count.

  • Pablo - 9 years ago

    People saying you'd have to go back and change all the other calls are full of it. Sure lots of games have bad calls. But the teams usually still have to execute following the bad calls. This was at :00. The game is over. Packers win. And the call was tragically wrong. You can say Green Bay benefited from a phantom PI, but so did Seattle. They got a phantom PI and a phantom RTP pentalty, but they couldn't capitalize on it. Green Bay happened to capitalize on their call. But this wasn't capitalizing on anything. This was just plain wrong. I don't care about precendent or anything else. No matter what team it is, I want the CORRECT CALL. I want the right result. I want the team that clearly won to win. It's pathetic and frustrating that the whole world knows the Packers won but there's no way to correct it? Come on. Just get it right. Isn't that the fair thing? Don't ask what is precedent, or what is the good PR move. Just ask what is right. Get it right!

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    You all need to get over this - there have been bad calls since football was invented and there will be bad calls when the refs and NFL settle their tiff. I wonder what some of you will say when one of them makes a bad call.
    Oh and by the way, it wasn't that bad of a call - a tie has always gone to the offense, and the possesion occured long before the defensive guy ripped the ball away. I'm sure all of you would have done better.

  • hawkfan - 9 years ago

    The final score has to stand. I agree that the last call was questionable, however, if we go back and review the last call, we have to go back and look at all of the bad calls throughout the game. Truthfully, there were enough that went against both teams affected the course of the game, field position, momentum and finally the outcome. How can you say make a change just because of the last play?

    Example, Packers were down 7-6 and were driving on Seattle. On 3rd and 1, Rodgers dove for a first down and didn't make it. The call was reviewed and based on evidence that wasn't really there, it was ruled a first down and the packers scored. If this call had stood, which it should have, then the packers would have been up 9-7 with their field goal and the hawks would have only needed to get to the 40 (which they did) to kick a game winning field goal.

    We have to deal with the calls that are made on the field. Ultimately at the end of the day, the NFL needs to get the real refs back on the field.

  • dd - 9 years ago

    The story misses the key point for American. Chicago school children lose one week of school and the taxpayers are burdened with more debt. Chicago music lovers lose concerts. The people of the world who travel are screwed by American Airlines failures. Professional football games are affected by refs on the learning curve. What is the common thread: organized labor screws the people! Now, if the NFL players association acted like a "real union" they would honor the picket lines of the refs! Or maybe the NFL should just cancel games until the union is happy. You can't blame the replacement refs. You can't blame an employer fighting a labor union. You have to blame the union.

  • mike - 9 years ago

    there were other bad calls in that game that benifitted the packers, so is it a redo

  • Mike A - 9 years ago

    It's 3 bad calls here ..... First not calling the push off, then calling a touchdown, then not overturning it upon review!!! Jennings clearly had possesion of the ball Tate had his hand and part of his forearm until they hit the ground where he them grabbed it with the other hand!!!

  • D. - 9 years ago

    The receiver pushed off. Play is dead, Packers win. Except the official never took the right position. The receive put his hands on the ball after the catch. This is not simultaneous. While watching the replay, the receiver put his hands on the ball and in an effort to not fall down, took his hands OFF THE BALL. It was NOT simultaneous. The receiver DID NOT catch the ball. The point is this GAME, not a PLAY was decided by an adverse ruling. So it doesn't matter. The NFL isn't legit, it is a sham. I canceled Sunday ticket renewal for next year. The NFL is dead.

  • DetroitNorth - 9 years ago

    For Lions fans just another example of calls that can effect the outcome of games. At least in the Lions cases it affected the rules. Now we have The “process” for a catch. aka “The Calvin Rule” and a turnover now must be reviewed as per the Lions 49ers game last year. Nice to hear the Pack wine for a change.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    If the NFL can retroactively change the outcome of the game then why play the game? Why have referees on the field? The outcome of the game should be final and permanent, no matter the size of the debacle. The NFL made their bed, now lie in it.

  • postal brian - 9 years ago

    roger goodell will reverse the call today at a press conference, thenhe will announce that at the superbowl there will be a cage match at halftime

  • jeff - 9 years ago

    People who are saying there were so many bad calls that the last bad one doesn't matter miss the point. If that play is called correctly the packers win. There's no "that blown call set the other team up to win by giving them a first down so they could score the winning td." It is, that blown call gave the Seahawks the game with nothing the pack could do after the call to affect the outcome. That is why Belichek (sp?) Wanted an explanation from officials on the field goal. It was a call that could not be overcome if it was wrong.
    The saddest thing about last night was the Seahawks reaction.......

  • Heather - 9 years ago

    There were enough bad calls throughout the game to take this either way without the last call in the end zone. You can change the outcome of this singular play if you do the same with all the other blown calls.

  • Buzzsaw McGee - 9 years ago

    If they change this game's outcome, then they will need to go back and change the outcome of all the other games in NFL history where a team lost because of an official's call. The outcoms should absolutely, positively not be changed, no matter how loud the whining of the Packer fans becomes.

  • Zach - 9 years ago

    As a big packers fan I still don't think they should overturn the result. While I certainly have issues with the officiating, I dislike the precedent it sets to allow the league to go in and change the outcome.

  • Jeff - 9 years ago

    As a Seahawk fan I am dismayed at the post play/game activities/comments by my team. The BS that was laid down was hard to watch. The ball was intercepted in the endzone by Jennings, PERIOD! Recalling the only Superbowl appearance by Seattle, I understand the bitter disappointment Greenbay fans are feeling right now. Officals, (not replacement officials) called the Superbowl game so poorly that even Rothlesberger and others on the Pittsburg team commented that Seattle should have won the contest. Bad officiating happens, it's part of any sport from time to time.

    I don't know how the Hawks should have dealt with the final call, after all the call gave them the game, but had the officials done their job competently all night long the game most certainly wouldn't have had a final score of 12 to 14!

    Greenbay's coach, and Rogers are class acts all the way. Their refusal to have a meltdown, to take their bitter disappointment out for a tour in front of the media/public speaks volumes about their character.

    Too bad the owners can't find a little class and let go of a few pennies to settle the officals walkout. Maybe disappointed, or outraged players should be allowed into the negotiations? That might speed things up a little!

  • voodkokk - 9 years ago

    For Seattle to have won that game and their player to have caught that ball he would either have to be gumby or he would have a broken arm. We want even talk about the flagrant push on the GB player.

  • Mavajo - 9 years ago

    Bart says:

    "the WR had his hand in there though, between the DB and the so easy to say 'control' I guess."


    Really dude? One guy has both arms wrapped around the ball, hugging it to his chest -- the other guy has a hand poked in.

  • Bart - 9 years ago

    Mavajo - the WR had his hand in there though, between the DB and the so easy to say 'control' I guess. you are right though about the rule, thanks.

    My point is that I think people are so ready to jump on the refs, and I don;t see this call as so blatantly egregious. Neither do a few NFL analysts.

  • Art - 9 years ago

    I do not think it should be overturned. There are so many calls in other games that affect outcome of games. Was it the right call? Absolutley not! But there were calls in Philly vs Balto that they called receiver for offensive pass interference. Would have been a 10 point lead for Balto, but instead let Philly go down the field and drive for winning score-winning by 1. This is only one example of a bad call. I could go on and on and on. Look how many penalty calls are being made in all games -last night 20 plus- go look at most games and 20 plus are being called- this is a real joke- the officals just don't have the qualifications to ref a NFL game-so get the real officals back-the only answer- and then we still will have bad calls, but in a professional manner

  • Jeff - 9 years ago

    As an Eagle's fan, I have no interest in the outcome of the game. I say the NFL should not change the result of the game, but to end the lockout of the officials. Why not change the outcome you ask? There were so many bad calls made and missed that would or would not have changed the dynamics of the game and to state that the last call was the deciding factor is incorrect. It is happening in every game played and until the NFL gets the regular official back it will continued to happen. It's also not like the regular officials don't miss calls either.

    The replacement officials can not keep up with the speed of the game. They are easily swayed by the pressure of the crowd, coaches, and players.

    As a fan of the game that I love so much, I will continue to watch and root for my team. But they shouldn't play the the game unless they have qualified officials. Players, coaches, and owners make MILLIONS of dollars. God knows the NFL can afford it.

  • voodkokk - 9 years ago

    "The DB had the ball at the top, but when both of his feet came down...making it a catch by the rules...The WR ALSO had both hands on the ball. So at the moment of it being a 'catch' it was simultaneous. BEFORE that though...the DB had it all the way, but that doesn't matter in the rulebook."


    GreenBay won that game and we have the same thing in sports as we do in politics. You can show the people the video and watch the game live and they still don't believe it. Maybe that Ref can get a job with Obama. It was sickening watching him come up and raise both hands. What a joke. I refuse to watch anymore football.

  • Cody - 9 years ago

    From here on out, a "Tate" is another word for a lie. A "Golden Tate" is a real big lie.

    That being said, no one is mentioning why the officials didn't call roughing the passer on Green Bay. Wilson got creamed well after it was all over. The push off should have also been called & the play done again bc of offsetting penalties.

  • Jared - 9 years ago

    Terrible call, but what about the other fifty that influenced this game. If you change the final call, reverse the pi call on seattle that would have had gb kicking fg instead of td. Give seattle the ball only needing a fg to win and this ending doesn't happen.

  • Chavo - 9 years ago

    Weren't these the same type calls that were going the Packers way last year? Pushing the defender away in order to make the catch... Isn't that what Finley & Nelson were developing a rep for doing last year? The "phantom" roughing the passer call... how many times has Rodgers been the recipient of that call in the past two years?

    Quit crying Packer fans! How about screaming at your O-line instead of the refs.

  • Mavajo - 9 years ago

    Bart says:

    "The DB had the ball at the top, but when both of his feet came down...making it a catch by the rules...The WR ALSO had both hands on the ball. So at the moment of it being a 'catch' it was simultaneous. BEFORE that though...the DB had it all the way, but that doesn't matter in the rulebook."


    Bart, that's not the rule at all. Don't say what the "rules" are if you actually don't have a clue what the "rules" say.

    Per the NFL rulebook: "It is NOT a simultaneous catch if a player gains CONTROL first and an opponent SUBSEQUENTLY gains joint control." [emphasis added]

    It doesn't say possession; it says control. Jennings had control, and then Tate subsequently gained control also. If the rule said possession, you'd have a point; but it doesn' says control. Which Jennings had.

    It was ruled incorrectly. It was not simultaneous possession. It was an interception.

  • Diane - 9 years ago

    If someone has to win the game known they honestly did not win it, then it does not say much for them. Good for the coach and Rogers to say little coments your team is the best....Go Packers!!

  • Jeremy - 9 years ago

    As a Packer fan, i would love to see the outcome changed, but it is not the RIGHT thing to do.

  • Bart - 9 years ago

    No way do you change the result! The call itself is not so one-sided. Not like other calls like the Calvin Johnson catch or the time the Jets were given a TD because the football on the helmet crossed the line but not the football itself (that changed who was in the playoffs)

    The DB had the ball at the top, but when both of his feet came down...making it a catch by the rules...The WR ALSO had both hands on the ball. So at the moment of it being a 'catch' it was simultaneous. BEFORE that though...the DB had it all the way, but that doesn't matter in the rulebook.

    So...before you start blaming the refs...they might have actually got this one right and YES it was a close call..but not egregious by any means.

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