Poll: SL or Opensim - which do you use more?


  • Concerned Resident - 11 years ago

    Daniel touches himself inappropriately

  • Digital Digital - 11 years ago

    I am 100% opensim now, I had been in SL since 2003 and about 2 years ago decided to give it all up. I am able to do so much more in Opensim then in second life it's pretty amazing. My grid of choice is Avination.com - I have 8 regions there , get great customer support , vivox voice same voice as SL 45k prims!!! Unmatched performance I'm just amazed with that and also the physics that Avination has. I have not been in SL in god so long I can't even remember. I've been to other grids but they just don't compete. Anyways opensim 100% for me :)

  • Diabolus Svenska - 11 years ago

    I am builder and love to build with mesh. I am all my time now in Avination Grid and build with mesh. Every mesh is only 1 Prim in Avination.

  • Yoshiko Fazuku - 11 years ago

    i spend almost all my time on Avination grid and only go to SL rarely anymore

  • Dawny Daviau - 11 years ago

    99% SecondLife and 1% other worlds.

  • Marianne McCann - 11 years ago

    Pool is useless. It's not secure, and can be voted on hundreds of times. Toss out your result.

  • Cisop Sixpence - 11 years ago

    I'd say 99% Second Life, maybe 1% OpenSim. Might be a bit more balanced if I could travel with my Second Life inventory, but I can't and I get creeped out when I look at the avatar I am in OpenSim and it is not me. Besides most of my friends are still in SL.

  • Marcus Llewllelyn - 11 years ago

    I haven't been truly active on SL for about four years. But I still pop in from time to time. Sometimes it will only be on the beta grid to check out changes or new features. But I find it's a good idea to use the main SL grid for a few days from time to time, to get a "feel" for the place. Despite the similarities, there's also some real differences in everything from the ephemeral aspects of its culture to the more concrete aspects such as physics. It can be amazing how much a feature like, oh... say multiple attachments per point can change one's in world flow. I find I need an occasional reminder on how the two platforms compare.

  • John Sheppard - 11 years ago

    I still roleplay in SecondLife, come inworld for my store and my friends, but I run 5 sims on Osgrid now, have a couple of AV's in Inworldz, and poking about on SpotOn3D

    So it's still 75% SL maybe 25% OpenSim based grids

  • Sarge Misfit - 11 years ago

    Haven't been in SL in over two years. I also use AuroraSim, a fork of OpenSim, more than I do OpenSim, but not by much. Call it 50.1% more often for AuroraSim.

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