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  • Shelley - 9 years ago

    I'm not buying that flag pins proved one's patriotism in 1943. I could be wrong, but I wonder whether they were even an item that lots of people wore, much less they felt they had to wear. Just about everyone was patriotic then, except a few conscientious objectors. Maybe Celia is really not patriotic? If that's the case, the story is more interesting already, please get it out on the page right away.

    The main character is looking for a flag pin and running through a museum kitchen. Those are pretty prosaic actions, setting the stage for a novel about the home front during the war (unless Celia's an Axis spy). Nothing wrong with that at all, might have read on. However, combined with my question about whether or not they wore flag pins in those days (and wondering if museums had kitchens at the time), I'm inclined not to trust in the historical world the author is creating.

    Solid prose, but with my questions about historical details, not inclined to spend time on this one.

    BTW, Ray, one historical detail that's accurate: I have earrings that were my mother's (she was in her twenties during WWII), and they have little screw-in thingies. Danged uncomfortable and not easy to put on. Clip-ons were definitely an improvement, but these were there.

    Hope this helps.

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