Do any of these depictions of our president tickle you?


  • COLIN - 11 years ago

    Isnt this lampooning of President Obama just stems from Racial hatred ?Just asking

  • Chris - 12 years ago

    If you view racism under a microscope you will find that it breeds from guilt. As to say, we were wrong for what we did... but our pride will not let us admit to it. You want to stop racism, it's quite easy actually. Let go of the past and forgive them. Let them know it's ok and they no longer have to carry the GUILT or FEAR of what they have done. Let's face it, that's all racism is, guilt amplified with fear of retaliation. It's also called shame. Yeah sure it's easy to call me naive, but have you ever tried it? No?? Didn't think so. That's called being a coward.

    I treat ppl how I see them. Racist ppl are liken to children. Self centered "me, me, me" kinda ppl. Even within their own ranks. They don't even like each other. But they agree to dislike something as a whole. Just like watching children as they play. If the alpha child says something, the others agree out of fear of not being accepted. Insecurity feeds the flames of this behaviour. That insecurity is learned at home first... Something to consider perhaps

  • Regina Winn - 12 years ago

    Only the sickest of minds could come of with this kind of trash. This is where this/these person(s) are in intelligence. Not really caring about the welfare of the United States; only wanting to pounce upon someone who does.

  • Uncle Matt - 12 years ago

    This blatently racist, immensely insulting, and intentionally ignorant act has become another in a long list treasonous behavior committed by asinine right wing extremists.
    I must disagree with Carol's opinion that ignorance, racism, and hate will always exist. I realize that at this point in time they seem to come with the territory. But it doesn't
    have to be this way, these are learned behaviors. Education is the key, and no I don't mean indoctrination. I mean reality based knowledge, not mythology based superstitions. If we, as a species, can't get beyond this dominionist delusional attitude of manifest destiny and might makes right, we are doomed to self destruction.

  • Patricia otero - 12 years ago

    These people and their ignorance should be called out on this! Racist a-holes!

  • Carol - 12 years ago

    It all falls on us as people to ignore the BS and make our own choices. We all know in our hearts that ignorance, racism, and hate will always exist. When we try to act like everything is okay because our president is black and all is well with the world we live in then we are in lala land. We all know what kind of world this is. We know the hate and discrimination will always exist. We know that like will aways be a battle. We truly live in a war zone, battling to stay alive day in day out. The best part about this battle is that it makes us strong. Warriors, heros, and leaders of our time. All the negative pictures and sayings don't and won't stop us. We as human beings have right to live, love, and vote. So haters show all the pictures, create all the sayings, laugh at all your own jokes because I will see you at the polls.

  • Terrance - 12 years ago

    I love how are people always turn something Into a conspiracy theory or racism. Get some facts about Obama care and say this photo is racist. I'm sure the picture of President Bush as a monkey is still floating around on the Internet! But I guess that's not racist right? Cut the bullshit

  • David W. Johnson Jr. - 12 years ago

    I Wish Father God And Lord Jesus Would Show Me They Have No Problem With Me Getting Out And Start Beating The Crap Out Of These Worthless Racist Pieces Of Trash That Keep Trying To Destroy This REAL MAN PRESIDENT From Getting Re-Elected. If Those Two Racist Pieces Of Trash Defeat President Obama They Won't Be In Office Very Long.

  • MargieR - 12 years ago

    Lampooning someone at the top of the food chain (white, wealthy, for example) is a traditional program for election year antics. Doing the same thing for the first president of a different racial or gender or sexual orientation, profile is a cheap shot and shows where the prejudice still resides.

    When we become truly color blind, gender blind, and religion blind, and there is true equal access to the benefits of this country, THEN we can lampoon whomever we want. Until then, it is a cheap shot at a "first" representative of a different profile (gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) I might add that the "lampooning" of President Obama is not being done by the political cartoonists, where most of the tradition lies, but by people who seem to genuinely fear people of a different race and react inappropriately.

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