RHONJ Reunion Tally - Who Won Round One?

  • joy song - 8 years ago

    you missed lauren! she left teresa speechless when she dropped the "napalm" bomb!

  • Retired RHNJ Fan - 8 years ago

    This show has hit an all new low! It's hard to watch. I remember back to the first season, falling in love for this show and now......... I find myself doing more while I am watching each episode. Regardless of Teresa's actions... The "Everybody gang up on her and yell" is getting OLD! Time for some MAJOR cast changes... Like the whole cast. And WHY is Kathy even on the damn show. She has ZERO purpose. And who give a crap with Lauren Manzo's "woa is me cause I'm fat" opinion is of anything! Be gone. Go get an education or something to fall back on. The lap-band and mommy's make up shop won't work forever!

  • diva - 8 years ago

    If you watched the show Jaqueline stepped it up!

  • just a guy - 8 years ago

    Anyone want to guess when their 15 minutes of fame will expire?

  • Cupcake Scholar - 8 years ago

    That reunion show took pettiness to another level. Gross.

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