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  • Em - 6 years ago

    Are people on here that stupid you can see with your own 2 eyes that Teresa is sneaky n will not admit when she is out of line, even if melissa was a stripper what would be the point in bringing it up and trying to destroy a happy family Teresa's only jealous of her brothers family as her own husband is a rude cheat! people to believe Teresa are obviously as delusional as her

  • Clare - 6 years ago

    Really Teresa , do you really think anyone believes you didn't set up Melissa? Would it bring you pleasure to break them up , & destroy their children's lives in the process! How do you sleep at night ? What role model are you to your girls? I believe in karma Teresa but what is sad is that it will hurt your girls & your parents as well as you

  • TEAM TERESA - 6 years ago

    Teresa is and always will be my favourite housewife. Caroline is a hypocrite and should never of been allowed on the show after season 3. Jaqueline disappointed during season 4, her stories are always the same. Her plummeting relationship with Ashley. Kathy should stick up for her cousin not just sit there and play dumb. Melissa you believed Jaqueline in the season 4 finale, so you obviously didn't trust Teresa. If you say you want to be close with Teresa then listen to her and watch the episode where she told Angelo to stop talking about you because your her family now. Come on Melissa it was obvious Kim D set you up.

  • Ben - 7 years ago

    Teresa is right, Melissa is a fame HO! Also, those "soul diggas" probaly got more than just a song out of her. Teresa didn't need to set anybody up, America can see how fake the other cast members are and how genuine Teresa is.

  • K Johnson - 7 years ago

    Theresa is not all wrong I bet Melissa used to be a stripper she is lying. Kathy is a two face ugly trouble maker, she tries to act all innocent and jacklyn your husband is fine he don't need a cry baby and Caroline you act like your a mobster NOT Rosie Theresa will kick your ass. Theresa they are 4 jeoulous woman you owe those bitches nothing and Melissa you cannot sing.

  • Evelyn W - 8 years ago

    Just because 5 people (or more) in a group point the finger at one person doesn't mean that 1 person is wrong. When Tre flipped a table in Season 1, Jaq and Carolyn stayed friends with her. I liked Dina so I was never really a fan of any of the others. But really people, this is a tv show. Their job is to get ratings. These ladies have call sheets and are told by producers what to do. It is reality, but to a point. The only thing Teresa did was become more successful. She did it on her own, she was on the show before Melissa and Kathy. Why are they entitled to her fame and money? Funny, what they are complaining about Teresa doing Kathy and Melissa are doing it but even more. Anyone catch a glimpse of KatFish? She looks a lot like Teresa, especially now with black hair. Melissa says she has been tormented by Teresa for 8 years...why then Melissa did you go on a show with Teresa and why were you trying to get in from the back door with Danielle Staub? Bravo set up Teresa for ratings. Notice how the Manzos pick someone off every season. If I were Bravo, I would give Teresa her own show and then let's see out of Kathy and Melissa whose face Carolyn and Wacko-Jacko would eat off next? I am confused as to why Kathy is so angry at Teresa to where she wud need to insult her mother (her aunt), but when she just mentions their father, Rosie threatens to kill her and no one says anything? But everyone is commenting on Teresa's remarks she is saying BACK to people. I think Teresa has a hard time explaining herself and the cast is angry because none of them get endorsements. Carolyn wanted Dina and Teresa to put their money into her kids ventures and they said no. Carolyn thinks Teresa told Dina not to do it and there is where the spat happened. First, the water the Manzos are selling is a stolen idea from one of their customers in Season 3. Now, Kathy, Melissa, Jaqo. and Carolyn are trying to get the other Housewives from other cities on their anti-Teresa campaign. These ladies are sick, mean and vile. They are bullies. I am most disappointed in Joe Gorga who when we first met him started banging his hand on the table because his sister said hello and congratulations to him to which he called her garbage....not once, but other times on the show. I think Melissa is the one that is jealous, I did not want to believe it but it is true. As far as Rosie goes, she has hurt people physically and of course she doesn't care if she goes to prison because to her being surrounded by females all day long is a trip to the beach. Kathy is the worst and so is her family. Very sad, very pathetic. I hope Teresa walks away from this show and these people.

  • katy - 8 years ago

    @mutter Rosie please u don't know her Her violence Sunday is normal behavior ask Roisie about her arrest record and ex girlfriend Francis who she beatshit out of her she is nasty violent drunk. Jerseygirl

  • Sam - 8 years ago

    They say Tres IQ is low and what not.. i think you are giving her WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT to "sit there and think and just think about how she can hurt somebody" i thnk its crazay that people side with jaq and caroline, .. carolines family is broken and half of her family don't even speak to her.. Kathy was bad mouthing her sister in laws parent in laws and sat there and DID NOTHING AT ALL, doesnt joe love his mom and his dad soooooo much. Melissa is a fame whore fame whore, HOW IS IT OK, that manzo family have made fun of Tre for soooo many seasons and she mentions a joke and all of the sudden its not ok. The Manzos are fake! I knew the moment they go in between family matters, if my friend had family issues i would not intervene AT ALLL i would not be showing text messages to upset family members, they are soo fake.

  • Mandy - 8 years ago

    Teresa has become CRAZY when she screams to Jaq that her family is jealous of her!! She looks like a freakin blow fish with piranha teeth!! Where does her eyebrows end and her hair line begins??? The bitch has NO forehead!!!! NO forehead=NO brain!!!!! Bravo please please please taker her and juicy nasty joe off it's so beyond "reality tv" anymore, Teresa is SOOO fake think of the kids!!!! Get her off the show where she can focus on her self and her family she is obviously delusional,she has WALKED in on joe at the office with another woman and seen it with her own two eyes and still doesn't realize it!!!! She will lose all her fans and the cameras will go away and her husband will be in prison and what?? Her family will run back to her because they are that nice and forgiving!!! I'd write her off and wouldn't care if she lost everything I wouldn't help that snake again!!!!!

  • Sara - 8 years ago

    It's true Teresa has many problems, obviously she does not see herself. She must be suffering, perhaps from some illness that she cannot see the truth and her self esteem is either too high or too low. It's too bad she is on a show, how will she ever get help and really see what is happening in her life and her children's lives

  • Karen - 8 years ago

    I guess if one's IQ is as low as Teresa's, one has to just keep making up crap to cover the crappy low IQ. Now, again, please spell napalm and define it, Teresa. Trust me, Rosie, you'll get off. To rid the country of Teresa would be a wonderful thing.

  • mutter - 8 years ago

    Teresa is such a hateful person. Are we shocked that Joe Giudice has a girlfriend?? Duh, this was the same man that called her a "Cu**" on tv, remember! I am sure he was on the phone with another female that day. Teresa's comment, its ok, he gave me DIAMONDS. That's her logic. She is delusional. She is jealous of everyone. She needs to spend time getting her children to mind and respect adults rather than exploiting them. Her child speak bad about their parents, their family, other adults in their life. When shown on camera they are battering one another, calling their dad an OLD TROLL, screaming, throwing fits and never ever doing what they are told. They have become younger versions of their parents

    We are all hoping that Bravo gives her the royal boot and brings on someone like Rosie who the viewers would like. Rosie has a good sense of humor and gets along with all the women. We are all tired of Teresa and lies. She is now sunk to the absolutely lowest levels possible and has publicly destroyed her family. Let her go peddle her crap somewhere else..

  • Amber - 8 years ago

    If people cannot see through all of Teresa's behavior and realize most of what she says is dishonest, I am concerned for society. Teresa is a manipulative, dishonest, low class, dumb liar who is overly concerned with her image and accepts no responsibility for anything! She absolutely set the whole stripper thing up and it's so obvious because she nods to someone as she is headed to the bathroom with Melissa(@ the fashion show right before she confronts her and after Angelo had approached the table). It was calculated off camera so it would look innocent, but Melissa's decision to call her husband threw Teresa for a loop and she panicked. That is why she immediately left the bathroom and wanted to find the guy, so she could warn him and make it look like she was the hero by confronting him. She is the jealous one, that's why she is alway claiming others are jealous of her. She is simply an ugly person---insecure and ugly in every way.

  • Monica - 8 years ago

    Tersea came ready to put people down. Thats she has. I hope she doesn't come back to the show. Maybe the show can be more about the slrugels in their life and about stupid shit like being a striper Melissa is perty tresa is ugly a lier she doesnt fit in.

  • I H8 TRE - 8 years ago


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