Is Romney/Ryan...


  • Vincent - 12 years ago

    The facts are elementary, first you have a president that has more on his" to handle list" than any other president in the history of the office and the frustration of a Congress that has adopted a policy of oppose at all cost. The average person knows as well as the GOP that four years is insufficient time to turn it all around, yet he still has a four year head start and an economy that albeit slowly is in fact getting better. Some of the country will always be out of work, yet consistent growth is always good no matter how small.

  • The Republican Party has always championed the rich and they always will. In the past they would compromise a little something to get something for their constituency. Unfortunately with mass deregulations beginning with the Reagan admistration and continuing with the Clinton administration and with globalization of the marketplace and economy, unions have been emasculated and the middle class all but desimated. There is no longer a need to compromise. President Obama has made some mis-steps(hiring Tim Gaitner for Secretary of the Treasury was a big one). However, a President Romney would definitely place the proverbial nail in our coffins, unless you are making over $250k a year. The Republicans tend to steer the issues away from the economy and onto values. They do not have a plan to put Americans back to work, or rebuild infrastructure or education, because it does not serve the top 1%. Their intent is to drive America into becoming a third world country and feudalism. Peace

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