Who do you think won the debate?

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    The 58 people so far that say Obama won the debate must have watched the wrong show...even Obama's camp is saying that Romney was stronger. If they still think Obama won, they're probably part of the 47% that will never question Obama, no matter what he does.
    As far as talking fast, I loved how Mitt talked, when Obama talked slower, I got bored listening to all of his pauses.
    I'll be fair and say that Mitt needs to come out with specifics, but having 2 minutes to answer questions doesn't allow for in depth conversations. Could you imagine Obama trying to talk about his Obamacare plan in depth in 2 minutes? That's thousands of pages of info!

  • Frances Lewis - 9 years ago

    It is so clear now, that Gov. Romney is not the man for President. He had no plans, a lot of fast talking, and no results. I am still voting for President Obama. President Obama is calm, intellegent, smart, he had a plan for the American people. The Gov. basically kept talking about the poor. I am part of that poor middle class. If he becomes President we will suffer. People wake up and let this be a lesson. Romney and his running mate is looking out for the rich.

  • Norma hipsher - 9 years ago

    I'm staying with President Obama. America is hurting and I think that he is for all Americans. mitt Romney talks to fast for me and I do not feel in my spirit that he is for all of America.

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