Who won the debate to you?

  • melanie - 8 years ago

    Im so upset that most of the important questions didn't come up such as the famous 47%,or just going more into depth. Why did Obama let him get away with telling all those lies. Lies all lies I can't beloved they alow him to flip flop

  • A-Boogie - 8 years ago

    Well Mitt Romney came out swinging I'll give him that. Obama seemed unprepared and on his heels but he remained his cool. I would like to see Obama give more direct answers instead of spending a few minutes answering one question. I trust that his team will prepare his counter attacks better next time now that we know that Romney is good at being full of shit. And I died laughing when a man (a black man unfortunately) on romneys team tried to compare his debate to Bill Clinton's 1992 debate. Seriously? Lol. And for the record I'm one of the fortunate young adults that now have health insurance under my parents until I'm 26 thanks to obamacare. So please come with it next time Obama!

  • Vincient A.Spears - 8 years ago

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  • Penelope Owens - 8 years ago

    The only way mitt Romney will win this election is because they cheat as they did bush's last elect. Republicans are corrupt and just as Romney they are liars. Romney did the worst debate I've ever seen and CNN makes him look even worsier by filling his head with more lies. They for some as we all will not give president Obama his props and its really sad that this so called professional people keep trying to bring this man down. Please give president his props and stop coming up with all this lies about him.

  • Margie - 8 years ago


  • Mack - 8 years ago

    Mitt Romney's debate performance was hideous -- LIES, dodges, & flip-flops. Nothing at all new from the arrogant, pompous, condescending ass we all know already. Historically presidential debates have never made a whole lot of difference anyway.

  • Geoffrey Atkins - 8 years ago

    The debate was won by Mitt Romney but the impact of winning by lying will be determined by the media coverage of the facts of the debate and those familiar with what Mitt Romney stated before the debates and how he changed his positions again to suit his audience. For the millions who watched and have not paid much attention to the positions of the candidate, which is most Americans, this will cause some change for Mr. Romney, however for most people who have made up their minds, I do not see this debate as changing them, the key is still the undecideds and the President in the next debate must push the envelope on the facts and challenge Mr. Romney and Joe Biden has an opportunity to expose those lies in his debate with Paul Ryan. But the key is the bases turning out to vote. The Democrats must make sure they turn out the vote and combat all of the voter suppression laws effects this month.

  • Kol - 8 years ago

    Romney lied brazenly about everything—notably on taxes—

  • Caesar - 8 years ago

    KvRNC, your in a dream world. If the President stutters and plays the nice guy like he he did in this debate he will find himself on the outside looking in Nov. 6! He never asked hard questions and he seemed unprepared. Who ever prepared Romney, bravo! His lies shined like the sun. Step your game up Barack O Drama!

  • P Murphy - 8 years ago

    A person can be trained to say what it takes to be influential in a debate but not be for all Americans if put in the presidential position. President Obama did not have to hit hard with words because he allowed Mitt's ulterior motives to speak for themselves. As what Mitt said during the debate did not match what he has been saying all along, that he is not for us. Keep this in mind on Nov 6

  • Endion - 8 years ago

    I agree with KLF Romney did come off as stronger and more aggressive! I think President Obama seemed a little too passive and gratious. I wanted to see more intensity more offense and less defense. I also agree that some are going to say President Obama won no matter what! However, I don't blame them just as long as they continue to show that same conviction on Nov 6th.

  • KLF - 8 years ago

    There are some that are going to say President Obama won no matter what. Truth is, Mitt Romney did come prepared and more aggressive than he has been. He has advisors training him on how a President should act and he's learning well. He had a plan of attack and followed through. Although I did not agree with most of his position, as a debator he presented his argument well. And, although nothing he says will change my mind to vote for him, President Obama is going to have to step his game up in future debates to win this election.

  • KvRNC - 8 years ago

    Negro, I don't know what you just wrote but apparently you didn't see how the debate went. But please countinue writing this fantasy until Nov 6.

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