Do you agree with Levar Burton that Romney's Big Bird remarks jibe with his 47 percent mentality?


  • Nick - 10 years ago

    I think you should watch he PBS shows before you comment on them. The shows on PBS is not merely about education, it's about helping poor kids learn about self worth and help to get them selves out the current situation they are in. It's a preventative learning channel, to prevent the poor from remaining that way. You need to Google Mr. Rogers and congress, when they tried to cut PBS funding back in the 50's. Hear what Dr. Rogers had to say about the purpose of his show and why he created it. I grew up on PBS shows, Levar's show made me want to read more as a youth, Sesame Street taught me there were different kinds of people out there, not just the ones in your close knit neighborhood. And Mr. Rogers Neighborhood taught me how to be a good neighbor. So for those of us who can't afford personal tutors like Mitt, who guided him throughout his who life, we children sometimes turn to show on PBS to help us understand the world a little bit better.

  • Susan - 10 years ago

    This is the one of the biggest problems today, the name calling read Matthew 22, you are dooming yourself to HELL by using this kind of language. Can't we just disagree with respect!! Oh I forgot, respect for the fellow man was left out of this election.

  • Democratsblow - 10 years ago

    God you people are stupid. PBS does NOTHING for education. if it did, that would be even more reason to get rid of it as children are dumber than ever. Thanks big bird.

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