What are the 3 most important issues to you in the 2012 Election?

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  • Peter A. Sobieski - 10 years ago

    The last 6 years we have regressed as a nation in a dramatic way. We have allowed the federal government to grow too powerfull and have elected officials that bypass the normal checks and balances of the system. I am ready for a replacement of the current administration and the old guard political figures in both the house and senate. This includes both Democrates and Republicans. It is just the same in companies when they become to entrenched into what was done in the past. Term limitations will cure a certain degree of our problems and then the citizens taking personal responsibility for their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will take care of the rest. As for the rest of the world, we will not be able to stamp out evil and corruption in every other corner of the world and we would be beating our head against the wall to even try. So we should interven when we are able and it is in the best interests of this country to do so. Leadership by example can be a powerfull motivator for other countries to try to simulate our model if they chose to do so. If they pick another route to be governed, then they have chosen that other route and can live with the consequences. The whole world will never be a democracy but a combination of all the possibilities.

  • PChun - 10 years ago

    All of the mentioned issues are important and in one way or another linked to the health of our economy and therefore the nation and its citizens. It just dismays me to hear the retoric of redistribution of wealth and the use of the regulatory machine to make it harder for one industry to produce products (oil), and other industies "clean renewable fuel" get the breaks. It dismays me to hear the "rich" demonizied, and by the way I would like to demonized, I am working very hard to become a wealthy demon. The crew that we currently have running the ship does not have a clue as to what it takes to create or run a "business" keeping people employied and producing a product or service for which the purchasing public has a need.

    Vote the bums out!

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