Do you think this woman should have been fired for the photos?


  • Janet - 11 years ago

    Since she was good at her job, she should have been allowed to continue. Ironically, many of the students that require counseling have parents and/or caretakers that make or have made far worse choices and have greater impacts on their children than someone who would not be a constant in their lives. Keep in mind, many who pass judgement are those who are looking for someone who in their opinions have done worse than they have. Just bitter and want to feel better.

  • Sandra - 11 years ago

    You have to remember about your choices you make in life! They will come back to get you. Make wise choices and you will never have to worry about them coming back....

  • Brian S. Saide - 11 years ago

    Beautiful woman. A highly educated professional in the prime of her career. It's very suspicious all the circumstances leading to her dismissal and termination. Go ahead, Sis! Get what's coming to you, I'd like to see you reinstated and the people who voted on that panel terminated and prosecuted for their actions against you. God Bless

  • RICH - 11 years ago

    Redic 2 fire someone who had done something so long ago and even if she did it at the present. It's nobodies busy but her own. When you have a good bode I say use it for all you can get. Goes for guys to. Con seems to be the only way to get things done these days, cause also seems everyone has a secret agenda. Everyones lookin for somethin, to make them happy. Why not? What the Hell are we here for, to be Unhappy Losers. Doesn't matter what anyone really thinks about you unless you care for them in a tight relationship. AND to the others and their stupid opinions - GO F+++ UR Self.

  • clarence - 11 years ago

    The people that voted yes to her being fired are the people that are single handedly responsible for dumb-assness in America.

  • Poncho - 11 years ago

    She's beautiful!

  • Trey - 11 years ago

    ^^^ the reason you should stay in school is to learn to spell^^^ On a side note,she should not have been fired. I wish they investigated politicians like that.

  • RENA WILLIAMS - 11 years ago

    her fireing is rediculous and had she been white she may have been made a celiberity...the fact that no full investigation was made clearly shows bious!! when people improve themselves they should be reguarded as a high achiever and aproductive member of society ...yet, all too often people are brough low-by some unimportant, out-dated fixation in or of their past. THIS TREND IS INHUMANE!!

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